Tuesday, April 21, 2020


I'm finally coming to grips with what's going on within me. Probably what's been going on within me for years.

I'm on this journey to find and create balance in my life. I'm also accepting that no one is perfect and that life isn't perfect.

I grew up very sheltered and in a very strict household. I know I have been trying to get as far away as I can from how I grew up and possibly from things that have transpired in my life as a child into adulthood.

Part of how I am is just my personality. I am a strong-willed, stubborn, determined to do things my way type of person. The other part of who I am is a result of things that have happened to me over the years.

I observe people and things around me. If it doesn't resonate with me I am determined to do everything that I can to not end up like that person or in a similar situation.

I have had a relatively easy good life compared to the cards that some other people have been dealt. However, the things that I have experienced in  life have dramatically affected who I am as a person to this day.

I'm a living witness that being too extreme on either end is not a good thing. So as I run from one extreme to the other I realize that I must find some middle ground in my life.

I don't talk to many people because I just don't have a lot of people that I feel understand me. I use to write all the time. It's so therapeutic to me. I can freely express my thoughts with no interruptions. My fingers just type and the thoughts, feelings, and emotions just flow onto the page.

This is my release. This is my therapy! No one may understand but at least I said what I needed to say!

Yet, I'm a private person so I'll probably never share everything in detail that I'm dealing with or have been through but just know that we all have struggles and battles within. Never condemn a person as if you are perfect or as if you never made any mistakes in life.

I'm determined to break generational curses and live life based on my own terms. I will always do my best to love others and be open-minded to others and whatever situation they may be dealing with as that's all we really need in this life.



  1. I pray you find your peace Sister!

  2. I hope you felt better after releasing your words/feelings. Don't give up and press forward. You got this.


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