Thursday, December 29, 2016


In my 31 years, I have lost two important people in my life. First, my Mother and now my Grandmother (Ma). Losing the ones you love teaches you and changes you in many ways.

For me, I'm learning to appreciate the time that I have with the ones that I care about. I was granted the gift of time these last couple of years to spend with both my Mom and Ma. What I learned was that in giving of yourself (time, love, support) you are actually receiving a gift(s). Both experiences have grown me. With Ma, I did some growing up real quick in these last few weeks. It was hard for me to see her in the condition that she was in. However, I had to put myself aside as she needed me more! I'm so grateful that I chose to be with her a few more times before she transitioned.

There is so much to say about Ma. She was my friend and we could just talk on the phone about life. When I moved back home I got to see her more regularly and that really was a blessing to me. I don't know anyone else like her. She was so giving of herself, so supportive, and if she could be there for her family she was there.  Ma was independent, stubborn, clean, she didn't play no games with anybody, and she was very particular in her ways.

Her life and hard work could be seen through her family. She was definitely someone that you could respect and look up to.  I will miss her but she lived a long good life. Our memories together will keep me going until we meet again.

Sometimes, it takes a loss or the threat of loss to value a thing or person. My priorities have changed since I moved back home. The way that I think and feel about life will never be the same. My experiences have shown/taught me what's really important in life.

Don't regret the things that you didn't do with the ones that you love, for there will come a time when it will be too late!
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