Sunday, June 26, 2016


When you're dealing with emotional pain and emotional trauma you have to make sure that you don't make poor choices that would make your situation even worse.

It's important not to attach yourself to things and people just to fill a void. Many times you may not even be aware that this is happening. Other times, you may be aware.

Healing takes time and is a very delicate process. Even though you may be experiencing some hurt it's very selfish to use other people to get over your pain especially if you're aware that's what you're doing. Until you actually deal with the pain it's not going anywhere. You may bury and ignore it but it's still there.

Be very aware of who you let close to you. Feelings and emotions change. So, it's critical that you don't make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.

It may be hard to let people in as you try to protect yourself but the right people are able to help you heal emotionally. You have to be able to discern who has been sent to help heal you and who has been sent to harm you. When you're dealing with something that affects your emotional health, it's best not to have too many people around you. Keep people that you trust around you to keep an eye on you.

Take some time to be alone and figure out who you are in this new phase of your life. There is so much freedom in being able to enjoy doing things alone. Strive to be a whole individual who is constantly learning how to love yourself. Take some time to travel and experience life. Maybe you can't go out of the country, but perhaps you can go experience a new city.

Surround yourself with positive people that are doing positive things. Stay busy and live a purpose-filled life. Most of all do what's best for you and your emotional health. Many may not understand what you're dealing with and that's okay! This is your journey. God understands what you're going through, so just trust him to help you along the journey.

'Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."

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  1. What a wonderful thing for me to see what the Lord is doing in you're life and I pray that you continue to stay on this road to restoration. We become better equip to help others when we have been helped ourselves, so let the Lord continue to help you.
    Much Love, Dad

    1. Healed people heal people. Love you Dad! ❤


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