Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Time and A Season

They say you reap what you sow. I'm not one to brag but I really feel like the good that I put out is coming back to me. I feel greatness within me and it's exciting and a bit overwhelming.

Today was a great day. I wish my Mom was here so that I could share the things that are happening in my life with her. I know that she would be so happy and proud of me. I actually had to cry it was tears of sadness because I couldn't share my happiness with her. Yet, I'm still happy because I can just imagine her response in her words or her smile.

I went through a period of being broken so that I could become a stronger individual. I went through things that I would have never imagined. With the strength of God and my loved ones, I was able to push through all the difficulties and now the sun is starting to shine.

This is just the beginning and I'm so excited for the journey that is ahead of me. I just pray for guidance to connect to right people and that I never allow anyone or anything to destroy my inner peace.



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  1. May the power of God almighty and the legacy of your mother forever strengthen you as you go forward.Congradulations on your business accomplishments.
    MUCH LOVE, Dad

    1. Thanks Dad. You're the greatest. Love you.


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