Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What's The Point of Getting Married Anyways?

Do we do things because people tell us that's what we should do or because we truly believe in it ourselves? In today's society the value of being married has diminished yet people are still getting married.

Let's say I meet a guy, we get to know one another for a couple of years and decide to move in with one another. Shortly thereafter, we have a child and life goes on. After all that, at what point is marriage even necessary? 

I know different religions talk about marriage but they also talk about a lot of things that people do not live by. So, why is marriage so important to you? How do you determine if it's the right thing to do? What's your reason for deciding to get married?

Are we getting married because we have been told that is the "right thing" to do, or do we truly believe in the institution of marriage? If you do whatever you want before you get married, why does marriage all of a sudden bring things together? In my opinion, it doesn't.

I'm really stuck here on why society insists on getting married but yet many of us live as if we are already married before we get married? What changes after we get married then? I mean you have a piece of paper, but other than that has anything really changed?

I myself, am not perfect. I have made mistakes and bad decisions in my life. However, now I am a spiritual person and I believe that there are certain things that you live by if you are striving to live right. For me marriage is something serious and I don't want to continue damaging my soul before I meet the one that God has for me.

Maybe you're not spiritual or religious and feel that you don't need to abstain from certain behaviors, yet marriage still is important to you. I really want feedback on this one. I'm not trying to condemn anyone and in no way am I saying that you need to be perfect. I'm just trying to understand the mind of our society.

"A mistake more than once is a decision."

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  1. The point in getting married for a believer in Jesus Christ is very clear, because God created the woman for a man and she was his wife, not his whore (fianc'e), who today in most cases is someone who is getting the benefits of sex without a binding contract (marriage license). When two people respectfully desire to be sexually involved with one another, they are instructed in the bible to be married first, and any sex between the two outside marriage characterizes the two as whores, or adulterers (when having sex with each other while married to another,or your first spouse is still living, even though you are divorced).Romans 7:1-3. The bible is a book of God's LAWS, RULES, and ORDIANCES. Anyone who respects laws, rules and ordinances, will abide by them. So when two people respectfully are interested in another, a marriage license is a contract that the two enter into like two businesses or companies that merge into one. Two businesses do not merge into one without discussions that
    deeply concern the two.The whole goal for discussions between the two is to develop a workable plan that would generate production that would be beneficial and respectful to both businesses when they merge as one. Once the two businesses agree to what would be beneficial and respectful to the reputation of the merger, they sign binding contracts that obligate each partner in the business going forward. No smart business person enters into mergers with another business without binding contracts which protects each partner's interest. Therefore when a man and a woman are having sex without a marriage license, they do not have any contracts that protect their personal interest going forward. Friends with benefits (having sex without obligations to one another) is a very poor business move, because in reality no real friend would ask you to invest your body sexually without a commitment, covered by a contract (marriage license). Should pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, or even death while having sexual intercourse result from this kind of behavior, Who benefits? and How did they benefit?

  2. Continued response: Remember there is no binding contract between the two sex partners, neither one's personal interest is protected, the man is never legally obligated in a woman's pregnancy without a DNA TEST, unless he was married to her during conception of the child. I've never heard anyone brag about the benefit of contracting a sexual disease, or "my friend died while we were having sex, I'm glad I wasn't married to the HO".
    Two people who are committed in a marriage do not bring sexually transmitted diseases to one another, or get pregnant without taking care of the obligations towards the child and one another. Now I'm using words like commitments, obligations, and contracts which are only important to someone who does not want to lose his or her investments. Clearly having sex is an investment, and getting married is a contract with obligations and commitments two each other. People who do not like these words are lawless (not law abiding) and it does not matter to them about losing anything, because if these words meant anything to them, they would be asking where is the contract so I can sign and contractually obligate you and myself to commitments between us before we invest our bodies in a merger. No investor wants to lose his investment, but rather the goal for the business merger is to get a good return on his or her investment. Every time you invest your time or money into something you have an expectation to GAIN something in exchange for what you invested. The society that we live in is very lawless, and full of scam artist who will take advantage of the weak and simple. Therefore society is not going to give you a reasonable response to your questions about marriage. Marriage is meant to be for law abiding persons. People who get married without considering the facts of this current society are fantasizing, and a fantasy is only what you are hoping the truth is not. Society for the most part does not promote morals or Godly values anymore, so when anyone takes a fantasy of yesterday and make believe it is today, they are out of touch with reality. The bible says the way to God is straight and narrow, and only a few will find the way. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the LIFE. He said that he is the only door, and if any try to come in another way, he is a thief and a robber, St.John 10:1; If anyone perceives that they are being judge by the truth that we speak, then praise God. It is better to have a warning when you are going the wrong way then end up in a mess with no warning at all. If we are judge by the truth there is nothing else that matters. We are instructed in the bible to know the truth and to speak the truth in Love. May whosoever read this blog also know what is the truth. A lie can never be proven to be the truth, no matter how constructed the lie may be. God bless you my daughter.
    MUCH LOVE, Dad :)

  3. So beautifully put Dad.:)
    And well spoken in "Love", but most of all the "Truth",
    Evangelist T

    1. He had a lot to say :-). Nothing but the truth from him


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