Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Time It Won't Wait, Tomorrow is Too Late

When you're young you don't fully understand life as it is. Things happen and you deal with it (or don't deal with it) the best way that you know how. Now that I'm 30 and that my mom is gone I'm finally understanding some things about life. Things you couldn't possibly understand until you have matured.

I realized that you can hold something against someone and not even know that you're holding it against them. It's just becomes part of who you are and it affects emotions and interactions with that person. Many times we don't mean to hurt others, we are just dealing with pain inside.

I'm now able to better understand who my mother was and it saddens me that God had to take her away for me to see it. Despite, all of our flaws and imperfections a bond of love cannot be broken between two individuals. That bond of love with my mother brought me home to be with her and I will always be grateful for that time with her.

She gave me a gift, she showed me how to be gentle, forgiving, and loving. What I got from her, I needed to go into my thirties with a new perspective. There has to be balance in everything. Walls can't stay up forever. Forgiveness is something that you always have to work at, even when you think you have forgiven a person.

More importantly, this whole experience has taught me that you must seek to live a balanced life. Everything is connected. You must be spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy in order to live a prosperous life.

I have forgiven myself for things that I didn't do or say, things that I didn't know to do or say. One thing that I do know is that she wanted the best for me, that she believed in me, and that she loved me. God didn't take her unexpectedly. He knew that there were some things to be worked on, lessons to be learned and he gifted our family that time to express things that had built up over the years.

Whatever you plan to do, do it now. You might feel like you have all the time in the world, but you don't. I could have never imagined my mother being gone from this side before I turned thirty. Your life can change forever. Mine changed drastically and very fast.

Talk more to the ones that you care about, ask the questions, explore their mind, and love them unconditionally. For none of us are promised tomorrow, and each day that we get is a blessing. So it's up to us now to decide what we will do with the lessons that were learned.


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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What's The Point of Getting Married Anyways?

Do we do things because people tell us that's what we should do or because we truly believe in it ourselves? In today's society the value of being married has diminished yet people are still getting married.

Let's say I meet a guy, we get to know one another for a couple of years and decide to move in with one another. Shortly thereafter, we have a child and life goes on. After all that, at what point is marriage even necessary? 

I know different religions talk about marriage but they also talk about a lot of things that people do not live by. So, why is marriage so important to you? How do you determine if it's the right thing to do? What's your reason for deciding to get married?

Are we getting married because we have been told that is the "right thing" to do, or do we truly believe in the institution of marriage? If you do whatever you want before you get married, why does marriage all of a sudden bring things together? In my opinion, it doesn't.

I'm really stuck here on why society insists on getting married but yet many of us live as if we are already married before we get married? What changes after we get married then? I mean you have a piece of paper, but other than that has anything really changed?

I myself, am not perfect. I have made mistakes and bad decisions in my life. However, now I am a spiritual person and I believe that there are certain things that you live by if you are striving to live right. For me marriage is something serious and I don't want to continue damaging my soul before I meet the one that God has for me.

Maybe you're not spiritual or religious and feel that you don't need to abstain from certain behaviors, yet marriage still is important to you. I really want feedback on this one. I'm not trying to condemn anyone and in no way am I saying that you need to be perfect. I'm just trying to understand the mind of our society.

"A mistake more than once is a decision."

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

We Became One

Sexual soul ties are real and should be talked about more often. Every time that you become one with another individual you come in connection with their demons and spirits. Not only that you are also exposed to the demons and spirits of any other individuals that they have been intimate with.

There is no such thing as "casual sex". Every thing that you do to your temple affects the condition of your soul. Many times we interact with individuals and become intimate with them and start to take on their desires. We may even do things that we never dreamed of doing because we have allowed demons and spirits from others to come inside of us.

Soul ties are difficult to break and it takes discipline to keep your temple clean. You may not feel that you have a soul tie with every individual that you have been intimate with but you do.
Not only do you protect yourself from negative energy and evil spirits when you abstain from sex, you also add value to yourself. Each time that you lay down with a man outside of marriage your value is take away.

It took a while for me to realize what I was doing to my body and my soul when I engaged in premarital sex. Even though I was taught that it was wrong, I did not fully understand what it does to one's soul. In most cases I wasn't one who was emotionally attached so it was harder for me see what damage I was doing deep down within.

I could really go on and on about this but I'll save that for later. I just want to grasp someone's attention and get you to think about what you are doing to your soul and your temple when you engage in activities that were meant to be shared with "The One."

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Finding Normalcy

My dear mother passed away four weeks ago. Right now I'm trying to find normalcy and just live a balanced life. Losing her has affected me physically and emotionally. I lost weight since she has passed and I'm still struggling to gain that weight back.

I still eat healthy but I have fallen off and went back to eating things that I wasn't eating normally and hadn't eaten in a while.  When you take something away from your body, your body gets use to it. However, when you give your body that same thing more than once your body starts to crave for it again. I'm determined to get it together and stop eating that stuff.

On the other hand, I have been working out the last three weeks and have worked out three times this week already. I typically work out about four times a week. Also, I have two new clients starting this month so that is very exciting and will keep me busy.

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you . 1 Peter 5;7


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