Monday, June 22, 2015

She's Gone

No more kisses, no more hugs
No more “Bye Mom, have a good day,”
No more “I love you.”

My heart longs for her.
I cry tears of sadness.

It feels as if she was taken too soon.
And there's no one who can take her place.

She loved me and believed in me
So I must continue what we started

She had such strength and endured so much.
I'm grateful for the time that God gave us.

The time that was needed, was given.
I'm at peace with that.

Being by her side helped me to grow
It opened my eyes to what's real.

So many memories even in her sickness
That I will cherish forever.

The woman that gave me life is gone
Yet, my life I must live.

One day at a time
Continuing the legacy that she left behind.

She fought her fight
Now I must finish mine.

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