Monday, January 26, 2015


This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to view the documentary "Soul Food Junkies" with a group of individuals. If you care about yourself and the ones that you love I suggest that you watch this film with them. It was very accurate in my opinion of describing most black people (at least the ones that I know) and their relationship to soul food.

I could personally relate as I used to have a love affair with fried chicken and mac and cheese.  A lot of times we hear and may even know that particular things are bad for us. However, many times illness has to overtake us before we begin to make healthier changes in our lives.

Before I started eating healthier, I would just eat for comfort and because the food made me feel good. I would eat large portions of food even if I knew that I didn't need to consume that much food.

I must say that I have come a very long way since then. I have been a slim individual for most of my life. So, I never really worried about what I ate.  Health and nutrition were nowhere on my mind as long as I was at a comfortable weight. I started to notice that I was putting on some weight during my senior year of college at Virginia State University.

After college, I decided to go to grad school at Howard University in August of 2007. Starting out as a full-time grad student at Howard University and working two part-time jobs for the majority of my time in grad school I was not working out or eating healthy.

On January 9, 2009 I started my first weight loss journey as best as I knew how. I still have my food journal from 2009 where I would write down what I would eat. During that year, I focused on counting calories and I also incorporated exercise into my weight loss plan. In December 2009, my weight was 150lbs.

From December 2009 through about December 2010/January 2011, I ended up gaining approximately 30lbs. You're probably wondering what happened right? Well that goes back to nutrition and exercise. I wasn't making healthy decisions regarding what to eat and I wasn't exercising. I was also stressed because I had accepted a new position at my job in June 2010.

In January 2011, I started my second weight loss journey and I have consistently maintained a healthy weight for the last 3 1/2 years. Additionally, after watching the documentary "Forks Over Knives", I decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle on March 8, 2014 and that has opened my eyes so much. In addition to losing about 12-13lbs since that time, I have discovered new foods and have had health issues improve.  I no longer focus on counting calories but rather I am more concerned about the chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, additives, and pesticides that are contained in our foods today.

It took an extreme measure to get me to where I am today. I have learned a lot in my journey and plan to continue to learn more and more each day. My hope is that I am able to inspire someone with my story and that I continue to help others reach their fitness and health goals.

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