Thursday, December 25, 2014

Let's Talk About Christmas

Last year around this time my roommate wanted to get a Christmas tree for the apartment. I don't particularly celebrate Christmas but I went along with her to get the tree. Now that I look back on it I wish I would have told her exactly how I felt about the Christmas holiday.  I may have discussed it with her briefly ( I honestly can't remember) but I still went along with her to get the tree.  I'm at a point in my life where I have no desire to fit in and do things just because everybody else is doing them.

The Christmas season is a time where people claim to show that they love others by giving gifts and doing good deeds. It is also a time when people go further into debt just to prove that they love someone.

During the holiday season, the media emphasizes doing good deeds and giving to others. What about other times in the year? There are still individuals that are in need of food, clothes, and shelter. Yet, we let society tell us when we should give to others and do good unto one another.

I haven't seen or heard much about Christ this season. Rather, Christmas and most holidays if not all are driven off of capitalism and consumerism. Christmas impacts economic activity.

How would you feel if people were celebrating your birthday on the day that you weren't born? Not only that, when they decide to celebrate they give the gifts to other people. The same people claiming to be celebrating your birth but every other day of year they act like they don't know you.

As a believer, I don't have time to prove to others on one particular day of the year that I love you. I would much rather you know that I love you throughout the year. Furthermore, I'm not going into debt to prove that I love you by giving you materialistic things.

I try my best not to display my feelings about how I feel about Christmas out of respect for others. After all, I do in fact believe in Jesus and his birth. However, it's just hard for me to accept how observing the birth of Jesus has really turned into a day where many people glorify the things that they have received from other.

I pray that during this season as with any other day of the year that someone gives their life to Christ. That's the best gift that you can give to him!!!!

God Bless!!!! Wishing Everyone A Prosperous New Year!!!

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