Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I'm so tired of people complaining about the conditions in our society but then not doing anything to change the circumstances.

I mean who really expected Darren Wilson to be indicted? The problem is that many of us are temporarily focusing on these stories that the media feeds to us and then we go back to our lives. We continually allow mainstream media to upset us as history repeats itself over and over again.

Trust me, the injustices against black people do upset me. However, I'm now at a point of frustration that black people are expecting justice from a system that is not going to give them justice. I will not waste my energy being mad at something that I can't change. However, I will do all that I know to do to make a difference the best way that I can.

If you were truly concerned with the injustices that African Americans deal with on a daily basis you would seek to do something different. There are different reasons that African Americans aren't unified and not concerned about what's going on, but it's time to change that.

How about we start supporting our families? Once we do that we can go out into the community and start supporting black owned businesses. I strongly believe that there should be unity within the home first before you can go out and build up your community. You can't expect somebody to do something for you that you aren't even willing to do for yourself and your own family. If we all take care of our families it puts us in a better position to take care of one another.

I had parents that taught me black history and therefore I am proud to be Black. My father, a pastor encourages me and others to support family and black owned businesses. I SUPPORT BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES. The church use to be the backbone of the African American community. Where are our leaders? It's seems that we have lost our way and we need to figure out where we went wrong.

Why don't we support one another? If we could just understand the impact that supporting one another would have within society. Why do we support everyone else rather than each other? Instead of trying to impress one another we need to start working together.

You can post, tweet, protest, and riot but what are you DOING to change the current circumstances?

Black people have been taught to fear one another, to hate one another, and to hate ourselves. It is time that we wake up!

Some people are praying for peace and praying for change but not willing to put in any work to bring about this change. NO WORK....NO RESULTS!!!! LET'S UPLIFT ONE ANOTHER.

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  1. Okay wonderfully said now lets do it.
    Much Love Dad


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