Saturday, June 28, 2014


This is one of the most abused phrases communicated among believers and unbelievers. It might sound like a good comeback to say "only God can judge me", but are you really ready to face his judgement? Yes, we all fall short but we are to make a conscious effort to live a righteous life. For those who don't believe in God, I pray that you are able to really comprehend those words "only God can judge me" because it's really nothing to play with.

Especially, as Christians we should not use that phrase as an excuse to continue in behaviors that we know are not pleasing to God. I mean what's the point of saying you love God and believe in God if you don't listen to him. You are just better off living your life, your way and leaving God out of it. Yes, everyone has a different spiritual walk and spiritual growth is a gradual process. However, I pray that God is making a difference in your life that it causes you to make some changes.

As a Christian myself,  many times I am discouraged by the behaviors of those who claim to love the Lord. So, can you imagine someone that is looking for the love of Christ, what they must be going through.

Think about all those close to you and ask yourself this question.  Am I drawing them closer to Christ? Take it a step further and ask them if you are indeed drawing them closer to Christ. If you claim that you're part of the team, then represent and put in some work. Your purpose here on Earth is to spread God's love through the life that you live.


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  1. Well I know for sure that the Lord is judging me, and his word say we who are judge all things. So am I indeed drawing you closer to Christ?
    MUCH LOVE, Dad


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