Tuesday, April 22, 2014


One thing that I have extreme difficulty with is forming long lasting bonds with other women. In some ways, I just can't identify with most women. I still haven't determined the root cause of this. I have even wished that I don't marry a minister or pastor just so that I don't have to socialize or entertain the other women in the church. I know that's very selfish of me.

However, I realize that I have been equipped to share my experiences and knowledge with other females. More importantly young girls. There are some things that I experienced in life that I tried to handle on my own. I keep a lot inside and sometimes that isn't good especially for younger females.

Sometimes, I feel like my personality and gifts don't match. I don't like opening up but it's like I know I have to if I want to help others. Even as a big sis, I tried to maintain a certain image for my younger sisters. Now that I'm older I realize that if I communicated more with them (especially my two youngest sisters) it may have benefited them. My other sister and I were really close in age so we talked and shared a lot more with each other.

On a positive note, my relationship with my mother and my sisters is pretty good and I'm thankful to God for that. I just pray for guidance that I'm able to build bridges instead of walls. Maybe once I start talking I will realize that I do have more things in common with other women that I come in contact with.

You can't grow in a comfort zone. Your comfort zone may be something different. It's time to face your fears and step out of that comfort zone.

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  1. Well well, I think that I really identify with this situation. As a young man most of the time I tried to relate to other people in general, not just men but I have found out over the years that depending on what God is doing in your life, especially as a God fearing person you don't identify with most people, because people in general do not fear God, and their lifestyles suggest such. Likewise my lifestyle suggest to others that I'm very serious about my relatiomship with the Lord. It becomes challenging when you are determined to live at a certain moral standard and most of the people around you seem to be very comfortable with low morals and to be not very spiritually motivated to please God more than themselves. When it is obvious to you that there is a greater chance of you losing your grip on what you stand for when you go along just to get along, it has for me been easier to chose my relationship with God over one with the people that do not add to my growth morally or spiritually. Some may call this judging others, and at some point we all have to judge what and who we associate ourselves with.It has been said "that we are know by the company that we keep", and the scripture says "that be not deceived, evil communication corrupts good manners".The issue may plainly be that you are not surrouded by women who bring positive influence to your life and your soul, and this sets you apart from them, but when you are set apart it makes you feel like you are alone or judging others.Thats what the setting apart of anything does. It distinguishes difference and if you are different you have to be who you are or down grade to less then who you really are. Being different is not the easiest role for anyone, but it brings GREAT REWARDS when you are being different for God :)

    1. For me I think it's more personality rather than lifestyle. However, as I get older lifestyle does seem to play a bigger role though. Love you Dad :-)


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