Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Social media is one the best networking tools available to us today. If you are not using social media to network you are really missing out. I'm sure my readers have noticed that I haven't written in awhile. Well, I have been pursuing my goals as a film director, producer, and writer. In a relatively short time I have networked with several different individuals. Connections have taken place via social media, email, and word of mouth. A simple Instagram post, business card, and email has connected me with several different individuals. What I'm learning is that you have to market yourself before you can expect someone else to market you.Take advantage of the tools that are already available to you. There are no excuses with all the technology that is now made available to us today.

With that being said, please help support me through social media as I express my passion for producing and writing documentary films. I already have several ideas and have begin writing for a web series that I'm working on with another individual. Tonight my roommate said, "I can tell that you're passionate about this, I can see it in your eyes." She is right. My first love is writing and now I want to put my writing on the film screen. Most importantly, I know that I can't do anything without putting God first. I will always keep him first in my life no matter how high he takes me.

You can connect with Naomi B through the following:

Website and Youtube page coming soon!!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts...just to know that I'm not talking to myself :-)

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  1. Well I guest we've already covererd this subject over the phone so KEEP GOD FIRST :)
    much love, Dad

  2. You are absolutely lovely and your ideas and work is outstanding. May the Lord give you a spirit of excellence and bless the work of your hands. Mom

    1. Thanks Mother....very encouraging words :-)


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