Sunday, January 5, 2014

Grown Men Don't Cry

What does it mean to be a man? I believe that most men are afraid to express their feelings for fear of being called emotional or weak. The fact that I only witnessed a few men cry in my lifetime confirms that for me. I couldn't imagine wanting to express my feelings but having to contain them to maintain a certain image. Actually, I am sometimes guilty of keeping my emotions locked away. However, as a woman I am expected to cry or express my emotions.

Sometimes, you will hear the phrase "even grown men were crying" pretty much implying that men don't cry. Crying is an expression of what we are feeling at the time. You should be allowed to release your emotions no matter your sex. I honestly believe that if you are not allowed to express your feelings that you will go crazy. When I see a man cry, it makes me cry or want to cry.

Men have some of the same emotions as women but have been taught to withhold these emotions. This is unhealthy and unfair. A man that doesn't open up is unhealthy especially in a relationship. Expressing your feelings and thoughts does not make you less of a man. As a female that has had men express their feelings and emotions to her, I know that there is a need for men to be able to openly express their feelings without being judged.

If a man does decide to express his emotions and feelings it will be with a woman that he trusts. However, I believe that men should also be able to share these same emotions with other male friends. A lot of men try to be a man based on what they have been taught that makes them a man. I have learned that real men are secure enough to express their feelings and emotions and to know that it doesn't make them less of a man.

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  1. Well my dear daughter no two people are just alike, and especially men and women. There a distinct difference between men and women. Some things about both genders are taught but some other things are just natural like men not being as emotional as women. God made us that way. Men are suppose to be stronger then women and if a man becomes as emotional as a women then who is going to be supportive in crises. Some men do cry in the presence of other men and women, but that has to do with
    who he is at that time, not necessarily who he is at all times, As far as it not being fair that a man may not open up and share every detail of their lives, it is equally so for women. Women do not share every detail of their lives to with men either. A man is not to be determined real or unreal whether he cries or not. I myself do not cry often, but I'm just as real of man when I cry as I am when I do not cry. So as I've said so many times before because men and women are made different, we will never really understand one another.

    1. You're right we will never truly understand one another. Love you Dad.


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