Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You're Not Alone....

Many times people like to focus on their strengths. However, it is really the weaknesses that other individuals can relate to. It is a reminder that we are all human beings. Today, I was asked what are two things that I need to work on about myself. I responded, being stubborn and being a perfectionist. Both of these qualities can be good and bad, but I think that I let them get the best of me sometime.

I say that I'm stubborn because when I have my mind set to do something, there is really nothing that will keep me from accomplishing it. However, sometimes it is hard for me to listen to others because I think that I already know. I can say that I have become a bit better with my stubbornness.

For anyone close to me you know that I'm very picky and that I try to do almost everything perfectly. Many times it is not necessary and can be very time consuming. It also causes me to be very hard on myself and sometimes hard on other individuals.

Unfortunately, these are things about me that may never change. As hard as I try to change these characteristics about myself, I still find it very difficult. At least I realize that these are areas that I need to work on in my life.

The purpose of this post was to express that no matter how strong of a person that you think that you are, we all struggle with something. Don't be afraid to expose your weaknesses and ask for help if needed.

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  1. Recognizing our weaknesses can be one of the strongest things that we ever do! So I applaud this entry!
    I wanted to say that people can still relate to the things we have already overcome especially if they are motivated to overcome the same issue. I lean toward the thought that our weaknesses are primarily to remind US that we are human and that everyone else is as well. I think our trials/downfalls/less perfect characteristics remind us that we can't do everything in ourselves and that we NEED help. I agree that we are not alone and when we expose our human sides (as you so bravely did) we can help remind others that they are not alone as well! Bravo sis:)


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