Wednesday, November 13, 2013


What a powerful and touching movie. It shows us how your world can be turned upside down in a moment. After seeing this movie, I don't see how anyone (especially a black person) could ever utter a slave joke.  Yes, this story may have taken place many years ago but it is very relevant to the person that I am today.  I will never forget my past, because it has allowed me to be where I am today.

It is important that individuals of the African Diaspora know who they are and the history of their ancestors. Otherwise, you will never be able to put your current life into perspective. Sadly, movies like this are the only black history (other than Black History Month and what's taught in school) that some of our black youth will be exposed to. It is very important that we carry on our legacy.  I believe that if our black youth really understood what their ancestors went through to get  them to where they are today, there wouldn't be so much black on black violence.

We also have to remember that black history did not begin with slavery. I think that it is necessary for us to explore our history before we were enslaved. Unfortunately, we may not know what specific country we originated from but a general study of Africa and other Caribbean nations  is a good start. I didn't know much about Africa until I initiated my studies in African Studies at Howard University in August 2007. I learned so much, that I feel like every black person should seek to know their history.

There were so many things that I took away from this movie. It really bothered me how Christianity was used to enforce such cruel injustice. Even today, Christianity (The Christian Church) is still divided by race. That's another subject for another post. One of the main reasons that I want to pursue film is that there are not enough positive images of black people portrayed in television and film. This was a great film. However, I also want to see different portrayals of black people. Actually, this movie did show us what life was like for a free black person and I can appreciate that. If we can get a good mixture of films and television shows that accurately portray black people that would be a huge accomplishment. No, you don't have to make the film, but you have to let your voice be heard. You have to support what you believe in.  So, it's up to you and I, we have a lot of work to do.

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  1. Well what ever we fail to do today that can impact someone else on tomorrow,is repeating much of the same that has been done to us. Yes if others had done what they were suppose to do for us to be informed about our history, we would not been so unaware of who we are as a black people. So don't put off what you should do today today for tomorrow, because tomorrow might just be a too late. " Do it Now"
    Much Love, Dad

  2. Thank you for the encouragement to continue doing my Black HISTORY PRESENTATION. Maybe you can help me to produce a video and promote all over the country.


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