Friday, September 20, 2013


Searching for a church
Has made me so distraught

I mean this can't be
I want to find God easily

Where is the church?
Because I can't find it

Better yet...
What is the church?

So called Christians
With no commitment?

It's become a business
We must grow

More money
For a bigger building

Bigger building
For more people

In and out
Let's get the next group in

You mean....
Just an hour or two will do

You right....
Time is money

Plus we must accommodate
the saints....

The goal....
To fill every seat

But is it the soul
That we are trying to reach?

Meeting goals
But my soul is still lost

You welcome me
But don't even check up on me

Impersonal gifts and letters
barely impress me

But hey...
That's just been my experience

Finally understanding
What's really going on

Now I see....
The church is really me

Bought with a price
I have to share the life

But sharing is no good
If I'm not living it

So I'll keep living
I'll never stop seeking

Narrow is the way
Very few find it.


*There was a time when I couldn't understand why a Christian would stop going to church, but now I know that sometimes God is dealing with us.



  1. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many, St. Matthew 24:11,For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signes and wonders: insomuch that (if it were possible,) they shall deceiue the very elect, St. Matthew 24:24 The bible warns us of these days that we now live in, and many of the so called churches today do not reflect the church of the bible in the book of Acts, so whenever you confront people about the fake churches that they attend they get upset just like when people have anything that is fake, they are okay with it as long as you don't say anything to them about it. Think about it, if you comment on someone's fake hair or any other part of their body that has been altered to deceive others they usually don't like it, and it is the same thing about these pretense churches. So keep your eyes open for the real deal, and of course be the real deal yourself, because someone else is always looking for the truth just like you are :).

    Much Love, Dad

    1. True. Being a Christian isn't easy but someone has to be the example

  2. Hey I read you post. I understand all that you said. My question to you would be to ask, when you where at this church did you fully invest yourself into the church experience and all that it had to offer, meanings- fellowships, small tal k groups, bible study church meeting and church functions?
    how can you say what the is not unless you have given yourself completely to being committed to it and what it has to offer you. now if you have and you still feel the same way, then i would be concerned about these thing you are feeling.
    Next, you say impersonal gifts and letters dont impress you. Have you taken the time to sit down and talk with your leader(S) and let them know how you are feeling? Many times how can a church help fix problems and issues that they are unaware of. As an invidiual it take being able to express wants, needs, desires to be able to allow the person that is over you to know what your lacking . basically is a two way street and im saying closed mouths dont get feed. my suggestion would be to meet with your leader and share your drive and compassion, and your wants and need in general and im sure alot of un answered thing may just give you and your leader to grow togeher, you have to share and give them a chance first. and it remains a issue to you than you have to seek God to place you where your needs will be met. Church isnt going to fufil your every single need , some times you have to be a go getter, if you want change seek change, if you dont like to gifts and letters they sending maybe that your time to use what the Lord has given you and add to the ministry and let them know how much you enjoy writing and that you would love to be on the team that sends out letter and you can be the one to send out the heart felt compassionate personalized letter, many times people complain about whats not taking place but wont get up and take that place and say you know what let me find out why what i think should be going on is not going on and matter fact let me ask this ministry of how i can be of Help.
    Im not defending whats going on but you have to get the facts of whats going on and why.
    Church work and ministry is very tasking and it takes patient memebers and leaders to get to goals accomplished. Every where you go there will be issue but re educate yourself on why are the issues taking place, dont bash what you dont understand. seek God most of all where you can be poured into, loved on, and grow. Its not the churches job to do it all. you have to be willing to be committed and understand that CHurches are people just like us, know one has all the answers or solutions that why we all need a personal relationship with Jesus!!
    Church work is serious and we have to understand people in minsitry serve in alot of capacities, there familes, communities, jobs, government, there are so many roles they have to play so give them time to get it right, No one church has all the answers

    1. I definitely agree with what you have said. You are right it is a team effort. I am not perfect and I definitely have issues to work on in my life. My concern comes from visiting at least five churches or more and seeing some of the same characteristics in each of them. I am a Christian. Can you imagine how an unbeliever might feel in the same situation? The goal is to win souls to Christ and churches have to do everything possible to make sure that the unbeliever is not discouraged from attending church. Again this a personal struggle that I'm dealing with. If I didn't have a foundation to fall back on I don't know how I would make it. Even with a Christian foundation I sometimes find it difficult to stay encouraged. I have been searching and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I do have my own relationship with God but you always need encouragement. I am finding that a lot of people that profess to be Christians are not living what they preach. No we are not perfect individuals but we have to show unbelievers the way in both deeds and actions. I mean there has to be at least one or two churches the would fulfill my needs right? So I'm still searching because I know there is a church out there for me. Communications is key. Writing is one way that I express my feelings and thoughts because I really don't open up to many people. However, you are right. Maybe a sit down with these leaders will open their eyes a bit. In just writing these words I just discovered something about myself. I'm searching for a church family that will embrace me because otherwise I will not open up. I recently went to a church, they may have sent me a welcome letter after my initial visit. That's it. Then they had the audacity to send me a letter requesting money. That is not how you reach me. Take time to know who I am before you ask me for money. Pretty much if you open up to me I will open up to you. There has to be other individuals out there that feel the same way. Again you are right they need to know how we are feeling. Thanks for the feedback.


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