Thursday, August 15, 2013


Have you asked yourself that question lately? It seems that when you reach a certain age, that the expectations of you getting married and having children increase. This is especially true for women. Why are we in a rush to get married? What if I'm not ready to be married? What if I don't want to be married? To be honest,  I haven't really thought much about why I am single because being single doesn't really bother me.

As a young girl, my parents taught me how to take care of the home as a woman. My sisters and I were taught to cook, clean, wash clothes, etc. So, even though I was taught what is expected of a woman as a wife, I never spent much time daydreaming about my wedding day. In fact, I never seriously thought about marriage until 2-3 years ago. Marriage was just another goal on my list and I would check it off when I reached that point in my life.

Present day, yes I would love to be married. However, being married isn't everything to me right now. Even in my happiness, I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me. It frustrates me when people can't understand how an individual can actually be happy with being single. There are so many negative connotations around being single, that you would think that something was wrong with a person that is happy and single.

I'm more interested in finding out who I am as a person, and making sure that I have it together. When it is time for me to be in a relationship that is destined for marriage, God will make that happen. Until that time, I'm not waiting on a man. I'm living my life single, happy, and blessed.

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