Sunday, June 2, 2013


I just finished watching a documentary "Faith in the Hood" on the role of religion in a poor Washington, D.C. neighborhood. It was so touching to me because it showed me that individuals are going through so many struggles and issues. Having the ability to rely on God is what makes the difference in many of our lives.  It is easy to forget about the many struggles of others as I worry about my life and what could be better. Funny thing is, earlier tonight I was reading about how God's purpose for our lives is to give and serve others. So, while I will have problems in my life, my purpose for being here is not really about me.

Many times just a simple hello or trying to get to know a person for who they are can make a huge difference in their lives. We should never think that we are better than anyone else because of where we live, where we work or how much money we make. As easy as it is to judge someone by their outer appearance we should not be doing this.

I realize that I have so much to give to so many people. Although, I may not have grew up in the hood or the inner city, I feel that it is my duty to give what I can. This may be financially, spiritually, or emotionally. As a product of two historically black college universities (HBCUs), it is my duty to give back to an institution that provided me with the education that I have today. You have someone or something that has invested in you, make sure that you give back.

Many times we focus so much on achieving success that we forget where we came from. It's okay to want better and to do to better. However, you have to give back to your communities. The poor will never get rich if the rich keep looking out for themselves. I'm speaking of spiritual and natural wealth. The focus of our lives should not be self motivation of what we can do for ourselves, but how we can help those around us.

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  1. Amen, yes we all have been called to serve, the problem is too many of us are self serving. The scripure say that "after David served his own generation by the will of God, he died or took his eternal rest", Acts13:36, so likewise we are obligated serve our own generation then take our eternal rest.

    Love Dad


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