Thursday, March 14, 2013


Fear and excuses will cause you to miss out on life. I have had a fear of water all of my life because I never learned how to swim as a child. I also had a horrible incident at a water park when I was younger. Nevertheless, I decided at the age of 27 that I was not going to let my fear of water control my life. My biggest break through came during last week's swim lesson. I know how to swim, but I have difficulty treading water. So, last week my instructor puts a life jacket on me and says that I am going to jump in the pool. Mind you, I have never jumped into a pool a day in my life. I was scared, and didn't want to jump in the pool. I had two options, either jump in the pool or have my instructor push me into the pool. I went with jumping into the pool myself. After several jumps into the pool, we removed the life jacket and then I had to jump in and reach for the noodle in the pool. I was amazed, I was pretty much scared for nothing. Lastly, I had to jump in without a life jacket or noodle. My instructor was in the pool with the noodle, should I need assistance. I ended that lesson jumping in at 9-10 feet. I was very proud of myself. Even though it took someone else to motivate me, I overcame my fear of jumping into the pool.

Tonight, I returned for another lesson and I progressed even more. I was able to jump and swim in 12'6 feet water without the assistance of a life jacket. I even jumped from the diving board. I wanted to jump from the diving board without life jacket, but my instructor suggested that I try with life jacket. It's amazing how free you feel when you let go of fear. My advice to you is to face anything that you may be afraid to do. Life is too short to be limited by fear. Many times you will realize that you were afraid of something that is easy to overcome. If you never try, you will never know what can be accomplished in your life.

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  1. Thank you for sharing..Its truly liberating when one faces their fear and realize it wasnt what you were afraid of that had you scared. it was all yourself. Great Read Keep it up..

  2. We all are different and therefore we all deal life and fears according to our perceptions. Some of our perceptions are naturally part of the way that we are as individuals, and some of perceptions are formed by the environments that we are reared in. What one person does to address his or her fears will often be different from others, but it is important to address our fears and to understand the root causes of some of our fears. I say address some of our fears because some of the fears that we have are natural, and whatever is natural it is part who we are, like its naturally okay to be afraid of a gun, dogs, heights, etc. so we shouldn't challenge all fears because it wouldn't okay to be afraid of nothing at all.


  3. Great Post, Congrats on overcoming your fear!


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