Thursday, February 7, 2013


Which way do I go?
So many decisions to make.
My mind is so preoccupied.
Time is never enough.

My vision is so big.
It's hard to contain.
Can't do this by myself.
In his will, I will remain.

I try to comprehend,
But it remains a mystery
Looking for answers,
To questions that lie within.

Learning to pray about everything
Worrying is just a waste of time
I know I am here for purpose,
It's only a matter of time.

God is preparing me for something great. I'm just following as he guides me.

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  1. The plans OF God are so huge for our lives, it takes patience because we have so much excess that God has to narrow it down to what he can use out of the baggage and what we need to get rid of. oh yes It is a process, so " Out With The Old and In With The New", but take it one day at a time For " In your patience posses ye your souls." St.Luke21:19.


  2. yes, Naomi I like your blog. I will stop worrying and allow God to work his will in me. That means I must stop trying to do things my way. Thanks for sharing.


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