Monday, January 28, 2013


As a woman, I believe that certain roles are meant for women, and certain roles are meant for men. I do believe that there are exceptions to the rules, but in general some things just shouldn't be changed. I am speaking based on how I was raised and what I learned from my parents. Men are the stronger sex and they were created to protect the woman. Women are the weaker sex and she was made to help the man. Although the woman may be weaker, woman is never less significant than the man. When God brought man and woman together he made them one. I see this as a team, a partnership. Each member of a team has a role. The roles are usually not the same, but you need each part for the team to work.

So, traditionally certain roles were given to men and certain roles were given to women. Men are known to be the protectors of the family and the providers of the household.  As the product of a stay at home mother and a working father I find it difficult to accept that a father wants to stay at home and the mother wants to go to work. That means that the woman is the provider of the house and that is not how it was meant to be. If  the woman finds it necessary to work, then the man should be working also. What kind of man lets the woman support him? Today's society has embraced the working mom and many times the stay at home mother is looked down upon. I'm an advocate of both but under certain conditions. I believe that every child deserves quality time with their parents. I also know that every parent is not in the position to be at home with their child. However, if you have the ability to be at home with your child, you should be. I appreciate my mother staying at home and raising her children. My father on the other hand, worked very hard during our younger years so he didn't get to spend as much time with us until he went into business for himself. 

I am aware that there are times when the man might lose his job and of course he is not going to sit on his butt and do nothing. Therefore, he might assume the duties of the household. In that case, the woman has no choice but to support the household. I also understand that sometimes both parents are required to work to maintain a certain standard of living. If God blesses me to have a family, I pray that I am able to raise my child and work from home at the same time for at least two years or so. I don't want to bring my child into the world for someone else to raise him or her. If I make the decision to bring a child into this world, I feel that it is my responsibility to nurture and raise my child.

A woman should have the right to do what she wants. That might be staying at home to raise the children, or going out into the workforce to pursue a career. However, having the right to do something doesn't mean that it is the right thing to do. It saddens me to think that a woman would have to or want to assume a front-line combat role. I will always see man as the protector, no matter how the roles may change in society. To think of a woman fighting a man on enemy lines is unbelievable. Women were not built for certain roles, men are biologically stronger for a reason. What are we trying to prove, that we are as strong as men? If we were, we would have been made men. I think we just might have crossed the line in the fight for equality. 

Is it time for us to catch up with the times?

Do your prefer traditional roles of men and women?

Would you want your daughter on the front-lines?

If you are a military male, do you think this is a place for a female?

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  1. Well you already know my answers to all of your questions, anyway traditionally and historically the bible was the guide for how the home and family should be established. The scripture says that many are called but few are chosen, but not too people are willing to make a stand on what they are living and dying for, but it always narrows down to God's few chosen ones who will make a stand in the midst of mediocrity,demoralization and demaginalization.
    " GOOD STUFF "

    God bless you, MUCH LOVE, DAD

  2. You covered all the areas concerning tradional roles of men and women and i agree with you. You made excellent points. mOM


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