Sunday, December 9, 2012


This post is directed to the black church because this issue greatly impacts African Americans. I believe that HIV/AIDS awareness should be taught in our community churches because the church has always been important in the black community. The church is available to provide support to the community financially and emotionally. The church should also be a source of information. We need to start speaking up about issues that affect our communities even if we are uncomfortable with the issues.

HIV is a real issue that needs to be dealt with and no longer ignored. If we don't talk about it, African Americans will continue to lose the battle to HIV/AIDS. I know that some black churches provide HIV/AIDS awareness to the community, but not enough churches are doing it. Why don't black churches offer HIV/AIDS awareness? HIV/AIDS can be a result of a past lifestyle or a current lifestyle. Nevertheless, an individual should not be judged or turned away because of HIV/AIDS . They should be able to feel like they can depend on the church for support. If the church is not talking about it, individuals will not feel comfortable enough to come to the church with that issue.

We know that it is out there, but I guess we think that we are invincible. I think many people are embarrassed to even bring up the topic. If we can praise and worship together, we can talk about important issues together. The first step to tackling this issue is to get tested, if you have not already been tested. There is no shame in getting tested. Even though HIV/AIDS is usually associated with sex, it is also transmitted through drug use with injection drug needles, blood transfusions, and mother to baby . If you don't want to go alone, take a close friend with you. We have to stop being afraid and take charge of our lives.

Do you think that the church should play a role in spreading the awareness of HIV/AIDS in the black community? If so, why? If not, why? Do you know your HIV/AIDS status? If you enjoyed reading this post, please subscribe by email to my blog.


  1. HIV/AIDS is no new subject, just another one that is ignored by most poeple until it hits home. It is definitley a growing epidemic in the world, but your concern is directed to the black church about its reponsibility to the black community about this issue, which is a good thing that you are sounding the alarm about the issue. Every generation has to deal with the ills of its time, and whatever is neglected by one generation is past down to the next.HIV/AIDS is in the cancer family,one of the illnesses that researchers are trying to find the cure to. I think that all illnesses should be address proactively (preventive measures),but most people are reactive to problems after the issue has become a personal problem. With that being said, as a minister and one who has work with a group addressing this
    issue I have learned that the churche"s primary position should be a proactive one, but at the same time I have learned that the church should and can only do as you are doing, which is sounding the alarm about HIV/AIDS, but everyone has to take individual responsibilty for what the chose to do with their bodies. Also as a minister of Jesus Christ I believe what the bibles says about sickness and disease,and that is that its Gods will to heal us of all,but God gives us stipulations and conditions that he requires of his people to meet and he thereby wiil heal us,IIChronicles 7:14. We can not ignore God and expect God to pay attention to the consequences that we suffer as a result of disobeying him. I encourgage you to keep up the good work and know that your labor is not unnoticed by the Lord. :)


  2. HIV/AIDs should be addressed in the church. I think church is one place the majority of African Americans believe in going at least once a week. People would not have to be afraid to address the issue. And yes I know my status :)

  3. Thanks Dad and Faith for your comments. Be Blessed

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog and it was well done. Yes, I agree the Church should address the issue of Aids awareness. It should be addressed just like cancer awareness or any other major problem in our society. You really put alot of effort into this blog and I pray it gets the support of the churches.

  5. There's a few film screenings in NYC of "The Gospel of Healing Volume I: Black Churches Respond to HIV/AIDS" Feb. 7-9. Not sure if you heard about it.

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