Sunday, December 23, 2012


Some people choose to be ignorant or act ignorantly. There are other people who are ignorant just because they don't know any better. Ignorance defined  is "the lack of knowledge" . Well, looks like if we want to cure ignorance that we need to obtain knowledge.

I never want anyone to look at me and perceive me as ignorant. When I think of ignorance, I think of things that don't just don't make sense. For example, buying a new car when you can't afford the rent or the mortgage.The biggest illusion that society has is with money. If you think that success and wealth is manifested through material things you would be wrong. Ignorant people are fooled by the appearance of wealth that they attempt to achieve it without knowledge.

An ignorant person would rather borrow than save. Yes, every time you swipe your credit card knowing that you are not going to pay it off within 30 days you are borrowing. An emergency is a different story because we all have those.

Ignorant people buy cars that they can't afford.

You can afford it if:

You have savings: (At least six months of monthly expenses saved in an emergency fund)
You have investments: (401K, IRAS, ETC)
You own a home:

So, unless you are the percentage that does have a emergency fund you are not in a position to spend money frivolously.

You would be surprised to find out how many people that you think are wealthy are actually living beyond their means. Everyone driving a nice car, living in a big house, and wearing the most expensive clothes is not financially stable. Don't be fooled into thinking that represents success. If I have to live off of credit to maintain appearances, I do not want it. Stay informed, make smart investments, you only get one life to get it right.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012


This post is directed to the black church because this issue greatly impacts African Americans. I believe that HIV/AIDS awareness should be taught in our community churches because the church has always been important in the black community. The church is available to provide support to the community financially and emotionally. The church should also be a source of information. We need to start speaking up about issues that affect our communities even if we are uncomfortable with the issues.

HIV is a real issue that needs to be dealt with and no longer ignored. If we don't talk about it, African Americans will continue to lose the battle to HIV/AIDS. I know that some black churches provide HIV/AIDS awareness to the community, but not enough churches are doing it. Why don't black churches offer HIV/AIDS awareness? HIV/AIDS can be a result of a past lifestyle or a current lifestyle. Nevertheless, an individual should not be judged or turned away because of HIV/AIDS . They should be able to feel like they can depend on the church for support. If the church is not talking about it, individuals will not feel comfortable enough to come to the church with that issue.

We know that it is out there, but I guess we think that we are invincible. I think many people are embarrassed to even bring up the topic. If we can praise and worship together, we can talk about important issues together. The first step to tackling this issue is to get tested, if you have not already been tested. There is no shame in getting tested. Even though HIV/AIDS is usually associated with sex, it is also transmitted through drug use with injection drug needles, blood transfusions, and mother to baby . If you don't want to go alone, take a close friend with you. We have to stop being afraid and take charge of our lives.

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