Monday, November 5, 2012


I think we may all need a reminder on voting etiquette. Just because someone doesn't have the same political views as you does not mean that you should write them off as a friend. Personally, I will be glad when the election is over. I believe I have heard more negative comments than positive comments during this presidential campaign.

Never assume that you know a person's political affiliation:

Someone's gender, race or sexuality does not automatically determine who they are voting for:

You can't make someone vote, so don't force your views on anyone:

Your verbal acknowledgment of who you are voting for will not change the minds of others:

An rational explanation of your political views may change the mind of an undecided voter.

It is okay to inform others, but it is their decision to make with the information that they are given:

Never tell anyone who to vote for:

Voting is personal:
"It is never appropriate to ask who and how a person voted"

Know who you are voting for and what you are voting for:

Never assume that my reasons for not voting for a particular person are the same as yours:

Don't bash those who are not voting if you haven't taken the time to ask them why:

Contrary to popular belief  not voting is not always a negative thing:

Don't let an election change who you are and what you believe in:

Have you informed yourself before making a decision about who you are voting for?

Have you lost friendships because of differences in political views during this campaign?

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

In God I Put My Trust. Always remember to keep our leaders in prayer no matter who they are. Be Blessed.


  1. HI, Naomi: Thankyou for saying it is not always a negative thing if you do not vote. This morning i attempted to vote but the lines were long and I had to get back to work. Therefore, I may not be able to vote later. Mom


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