Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Was my prayer heard?
 If it was heard....
Then why wasn't it answered?
I guess it wasn't heard.
What did I do wrong?
This isn't the outcome that I expected?
This isn't what I prayed for....

I'm trying to get the lesson
But it's very hard to accept
Maybe I should pray again
He has to hear me this time...

But when it isn't meant to be
It won't happen...
A million prayers heard but not answered
How will I cope?

God why?
I don't understand....
I asked but it was not given....
What's the point of praying
If you're not going to answer....

It was convenient for me to send you a prayer
But what I was praying for wasn't a part of your plan...
So although is seems that my prayer was in vain
I know that you answered it according to your will.

*Sometimes you will feel like God is not hearing you, but know that he hears you. What we want is not always what God wants for us*


  1. Good stuff, God does hear our prayers if they are according to his will, problem is that most people can't except God's will.

    Love Dad

  2. Great posting!!!!! Keep up the great writing!!!not my will but you will Jesus, easier said than done but when you give him all your heart, soul , and mind you can accept his plans for you!

  3. Beautiful insight on how God answers prayers.


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