Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Was my prayer heard?
 If it was heard....
Then why wasn't it answered?
I guess it wasn't heard.
What did I do wrong?
This isn't the outcome that I expected?
This isn't what I prayed for....

I'm trying to get the lesson
But it's very hard to accept
Maybe I should pray again
He has to hear me this time...

But when it isn't meant to be
It won't happen...
A million prayers heard but not answered
How will I cope?

God why?
I don't understand....
I asked but it was not given....
What's the point of praying
If you're not going to answer....

It was convenient for me to send you a prayer
But what I was praying for wasn't a part of your plan...
So although is seems that my prayer was in vain
I know that you answered it according to your will.

*Sometimes you will feel like God is not hearing you, but know that he hears you. What we want is not always what God wants for us*