Monday, September 17, 2012


If that statement was further from the truth. Yeah, maybe when things are going wrong in our lives we put our trust in God. As soon as everything is going our way we put our trust right back in ourselves and in the things that keep us happy. We act as if we are in control of our lives.We will trust in the president, government, judge, police, jobs, money, home, and cars before we trust in God.When we walk out the door in the morning we trust that we will get ourselves through the day. We trust that our car or mode of transportation will get us to work. How can we have so much trust in things and not trust in the creator of these things?  I'm sure you can relate to friends or family members that only reach out to you when they need something of you. Well, that is how God feels about us. Many times we resort to God when everything else doesn't work out. Many times we pray to God or read our bible when we need something to happen for us. Just as you want to feel loved and appreciated each and everyday, God expects the same from us. He doesn't want an off and on relationship, he wants us to be committed to him with our whole hearts.You can't trust God with a portion of your life and not all of it. Can you imagine how much better your life could be if you were to trust God with all of it? Instead of just saying that you trust in God, show him that you trust in him. If you put God before everything, you can trust and believe that everything concerning your life is already worked out.


  1. Some trust in chariots, and some trust in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.PSALMS 20:7

    Love Dad

  2. Naomi, i was just thinking that exact thought when i was taking a walk. The news had broadcasted a Tornado watch for our area. However, I decided to pray and ask the Lord to calm the winds and keep me safe on my walk and he did. Then the thought came to me, what if a tornado did hit our area, alot of people that do not pray on a daily basis would suddenly call on the name of the Lord. Surprisingly, I also said to myself as I was walking that the Lord would be pleased if these individuals would pray and trust Him everyday. Amen


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