Monday, March 26, 2012


Our society may never become colorblind as a whole. Truth is you can not control the actions and thoughts of others. Without outside influences we would remain colorblind from the moment that we enter the world. We are taught different stereotypes about different races from family, friends, and media. Many times this eliminates any remnants of colorblindness that we may have once possessed. It saddens me that we allow these stereotypes to affect our actions towards one another. Even more that these feelings towards one another sometimes end in unnecessary death. Unfortunately, there will never be "justice for all" until we all unite as one. Many times we only become united due to a tragedy. We are definitely not where we used to be, but we do have a long road ahead of us. Nevertheless, do not let injustice discourage you. If you let hate rise within you, the battle has been lost. I want justice for all, no matter what your race is.

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