Sunday, February 12, 2012


Music affects our thoughts, actions, and our inner spirit. We are usually drawn to music by the feeling that it gives us on the inside. The beat is hot, it captures your attention, and then it captures your mind. How has your mind been affected? You may say that you can separate music from reality. However, music is known to have subliminal messages. This means that the song that you love so much affects your mind both consciously and unconsciously. So in fact, you cannot control your mind from being impacted by the music that you listen to. Throughout my life I have been a listener of many songs from different genres of music from christian, gospel, pop, r&b, hip-hop, reggae, and dance. I was watching a special last night on Afro Pop. It discussed the origins of reggae and highlighted several new age reggae artists. In one song the guy mentioned Rastafari and one of the lyrics were along the lines of " Oh Hail, Haile Selassie". The significance of Haile Selassie was actually deeper than what I was thinking. I have heard of Rastafari, but never genuinely researched the subject before now. Reggae is one of  the tools by which The Rastafari Movement is made aware to the world.  After, a little research I found that that one lyric alone went against everything that I believe. My point is that when you listen to certain types of music, or any song for that matter you allow your spirit to embrace what is being said in the song. Many people innocently sing along to songs not realizing what they are allowing into their spirits. Not to say that reggae in itself is bad, but that we have to be careful to what type of songs we listen to. Hey, you may say that music is just music. Throughout my life I have struggled with that idea. There were times when I knew that certain artists symbolized things that I did not agree with, but I would rationalize listening to the song by say that "this one song is ok." However, if the music artist originated from an evil source, that individual song will still have a residue of evil.  Music also has a strong influences on our attitudes. Many times when I was mad, I would listen to music with profanity and derogatory messages just to validate my reason for being upset. In listening to the music, I would become angrier. Crazy right, music does influence your mood. It can make you feel happy and it can make you feel sad.  Typically, when people listen to love songs they either think of being in love or they think of a time when love didn't work out for them. Sometimes, people take music literally. You may find that someone takes the lyrics from a song and turns them into reality. If the lyrics are good, that may be a good things, but if they are not you may be headed for destruction.  Let the beat capture you, but let the lyrics influence your mind in a positive manner.


  1. Ephesians 5:19-Speakinking to yourself in palms and hymns and spiritual songs,singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.vs20.- Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    St.Matthew 6:24- No man can serve two masters :
    for either he will hate the one, and Love the one the other ; or else he will hold to the one,despise the other, you cannot serve God and mammon.
    So if its not of God, then it is definitely of the Devil.

    Much Love, Dad

  2. Naomi, these are some powerful truths that you have written. I agree that music can influence the mind for the good or for the bad. I have experienced the affects of music on my thoughts and actions from both sides.



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