Monday, February 6, 2012


As human beings we are very emotional creatures. Some are more emotional than others. Many times we let our emotions influence the decisions that we make in our lives. You may find that your emotions may cause you to hold on to things that you need to let go in order to get a clear picture of the situation. On the other hand, your emotions may cause you to give up too easily on things as well. Sometimes, our emotions and feelings cause us to act irrationally. The thing about feelings and emotions is that they change, so you cannot make decisions based on feelings alone. Many times in our minds we make decisions, or plan to do things, but our emotions distract us from getting the job done. So in a sense we allow our emotions to cause us to waste valuable time. If you do not keep your emotions under control you may find yourself depressed, angry, and regretful. Sometimes emotions are difficult to perceive because some people internalize their emotions, while others might display their emotions externally. However, they both can be dangerous if not dealt with properly. Feelings are a permanent part of life, we just have to learn how to manage our emotions wisely. One emotion that you should never let control your life is anger. Half the time the person that you are mad at doesn't even know and they probably could care less. When you internalize anger, it destroys you on the inside. Let the anger go, it will set you free. As I mature, I realize that my emotions control my thoughts, and my thoughts are then manifested through my actions. If I don't control my emotions, I may not make the right choices. How emotionally secure are you? Are your emotions keeping you from fully experiencing what life has to offer?

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  1. As I think about this subject, I realize that no one can master the complete control of their emotions, but that we all can do betrer in managing our emotions if pray more and communicate with the right people about our emotions, of course communicating with the wrong people about emotional issuse
    can creater more problems emotionally.Then there is the question, who are the right people to communicate
    your emotional issues with? and
    generally we can almost tell who are the
    sound, well rounded people that seem to
    have it some what together, but
    realistically everyone has a different
    emotional system, and sometimes
    depending on what we are dealing with, it may very difficult for us to really know who we can talk to for emotional support. So when we are not sure who we can talk to about emotional issues, thats when we have to pray even the more until God shows us who we can talk to about what.

    Very interesting,MUCH LOVE


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