Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Everyone has something that they do well. The last thing you should want to do it waste your time on something that you are not good at. Better yet, you shouldn't waste your time on something that isn't meant for you. Throughout life people chase after careers, get rich quick schemes, etc., only to later find out that they were chasing a false hope. There are certain situations where people become good at certain things through practice. However, I wish to focus on those things that we are naturally good at without having to put  a lot of effort into it. For example, you may be a good listener. In most cases a good listener is not someone who talks all the time. You can't possibly hear and understand what people are saying to you if you are talking all the time. You are born with certain traits and certain gifts, and they were given to you so that you could share them with others. So, if someone asked me what my gift was, I would say writing. I love to write, and through writing I am able to express my ideas and feelings. So through my gift of writing, I hope that I indirectly affect the lives of those who read my work. If you had to name your gift, what would it be? Some people are blessed with gifts that allow them to create income for themselves, it may bring them fame and fortune.  Others possess gifts that they share out of the goodness of their hearts and they may not receive recognition in return. You can try and imitate a gift that you don't truly possess, but you will never be successful in it because that gift is not yours. Some people have the gift to cook, and others have the ability to make sure that you don't go hungry. Hey guys, you won't just let anyone cut your hair right? They have to have the gift. Sometimes, we allow others to experiment with us to develop their gift and other times we would rather not. Take time to reflect on what you are good at. The gift that you possess is uniquely your own, don't be ashamed to share it with the world.




  2. Naomi basically you are saying do not try to be like someone else because God has made each one of us unique. Every one has to find out what there gift is and perfect it inorder to help themselves and do the work of God. My gift has been developed through the years as a nurturer, listener and therefore the Lord has used me to comfort, encourage , exhort people that are helpless and in trouble as a teacher and counselor. I love what you are doing. mom


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