Wednesday, January 25, 2012


What leads you to the point of forsaking what you know?
Does an escape from reality bring you to the edge?
You are at the edge, you take a jump, CRASH!!!!
You lived for a moment that turned for the worst.
Too intoxicated to realize that this moment was not,
At all what you had expected.
Whose life will you change, ruin, and destroy?
Unbalanced mind, unbalanced steps, which way will you go?
Which way did I go? I don't remember.
I struggled to remember, but the thoughts were gone.
Gone because they were never present.
You altered my thoughts, you controlled my actions.
Upon consumption you became a part of me.
Occasionally reminding me of that decision that I made.
A memory that can never be erased.
A haunting reflection in my rear-view mirror.
I try to push you away but you pop right back into view.
So escaping one reality,
Only to create a new reality.
This one I will never escape.
The old reality was easier to accept,
 But accepting has never been easy.
Who am I now, what have I become, how do I cope?
My thoughts cannot be my witness, they have been sealed forever.

*Once you make the choice to pick up the bottle, you are responsible for the events thereafter.


  1. Those who can relate will, and those can't relate can't.

    Love you Much


  2. I like this one. I kinda wanted to repost this



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