Thursday, January 5, 2012


Due to certain circumstances we may find ourselves stuck with just having a job and not pursuing a career. As time progresses you may find it difficult to make your way out of that situation. There are also many individuals who pursue their education in one field, only to find out that they really do not want to establish a career in that field. That is unfortunate, especially after all the time and effort that goes in obtaining degrees and certifications. I am at the point in my life where just having a job is not sufficient for me. Two years out of grad school, I feel like I need to make certain things happen. I could easily elevate myself in my current position, but I would not be happy. After years of education and passion for media, my goal is to eventually establish a career in that field. Currently, I would love to establish my career in a media related position, however, it requires experience. You can only gain experience if you are given the opportunity to work in that field. In order for me to obtain significant experience, I would have to settle for a pay cut. A pay cut is something that I cannot afford with my current circumstances. Sometimes, we have to make difficult decisions and difficult choices to move forward. So, the only reasonable solution would be to change those circumstances. However, changing circumstances takes time and you have to think things through before making abrupt decisions. So now I guess it is up to me to decide what I really want to do with my life and act accordingly. I know that God will send the right opportunities to me, and that I have to be patient and keep the faith.


  1. Well in my life I had one plan, but later I came to realize the God had a different plan for me and a much better one. My plan was big enough for me but God's plan was bigger then me so I had to grow to except it and I'm glad that I did. Dad

  2. Dear naomi I am happy that you are determined to fulfill your purpose in your calling. Actually, you are doing something about your choices by continuing to post your blogs. This is excellent experience. You go girl. Additinally you could volunteer you services at an facilty. Do some homework on the media field and go from there. Mom


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