Sunday, December 23, 2012


Some people choose to be ignorant or act ignorantly. There are other people who are ignorant just because they don't know any better. Ignorance defined  is "the lack of knowledge" . Well, looks like if we want to cure ignorance that we need to obtain knowledge.

I never want anyone to look at me and perceive me as ignorant. When I think of ignorance, I think of things that don't just don't make sense. For example, buying a new car when you can't afford the rent or the mortgage.The biggest illusion that society has is with money. If you think that success and wealth is manifested through material things you would be wrong. Ignorant people are fooled by the appearance of wealth that they attempt to achieve it without knowledge.

An ignorant person would rather borrow than save. Yes, every time you swipe your credit card knowing that you are not going to pay it off within 30 days you are borrowing. An emergency is a different story because we all have those.

Ignorant people buy cars that they can't afford.

You can afford it if:

You have savings: (At least six months of monthly expenses saved in an emergency fund)
You have investments: (401K, IRAS, ETC)
You own a home:

So, unless you are the percentage that does have a emergency fund you are not in a position to spend money frivolously.

You would be surprised to find out how many people that you think are wealthy are actually living beyond their means. Everyone driving a nice car, living in a big house, and wearing the most expensive clothes is not financially stable. Don't be fooled into thinking that represents success. If I have to live off of credit to maintain appearances, I do not want it. Stay informed, make smart investments, you only get one life to get it right.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012


This post is directed to the black church because this issue greatly impacts African Americans. I believe that HIV/AIDS awareness should be taught in our community churches because the church has always been important in the black community. The church is available to provide support to the community financially and emotionally. The church should also be a source of information. We need to start speaking up about issues that affect our communities even if we are uncomfortable with the issues.

HIV is a real issue that needs to be dealt with and no longer ignored. If we don't talk about it, African Americans will continue to lose the battle to HIV/AIDS. I know that some black churches provide HIV/AIDS awareness to the community, but not enough churches are doing it. Why don't black churches offer HIV/AIDS awareness? HIV/AIDS can be a result of a past lifestyle or a current lifestyle. Nevertheless, an individual should not be judged or turned away because of HIV/AIDS . They should be able to feel like they can depend on the church for support. If the church is not talking about it, individuals will not feel comfortable enough to come to the church with that issue.

We know that it is out there, but I guess we think that we are invincible. I think many people are embarrassed to even bring up the topic. If we can praise and worship together, we can talk about important issues together. The first step to tackling this issue is to get tested, if you have not already been tested. There is no shame in getting tested. Even though HIV/AIDS is usually associated with sex, it is also transmitted through drug use with injection drug needles, blood transfusions, and mother to baby . If you don't want to go alone, take a close friend with you. We have to stop being afraid and take charge of our lives.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012


This topic was inspired by a group discussion that I had last night with several young African American men and women. We all come from different backgrounds, so the different discussions that we had were interesting. I actually believe that group discussions among people of all races, sex, and ages is very productive. You learn so much about one another that you otherwise may not have known.

What does it mean to be black?

Actually, this question is not as easy to answer as it may seem. At least I had difficulty answering the question. I'm not even sure if I ever really answered the question. I really did not know what to say because I feel like there are so many factors involved. I personally don't think people should be defined by their skin color but by their culture. Unfortunately, in society we are all judged by our skin color both positively and negatively. I also believe that economic status plays a huge role in how you view yourself in society. I believe many black people are defined by their skin color and then we are all put into this one category.

How do those around you defines blackness?

When I think about how others (or society) may define blackness, many times I feel that I am not black enough. However, I only feel this way around other black people. If I am not familiar with things that most black people are accustomed to I am made to feel like I am not black enough. There are even times when black people will tell other black people that "I'm taking your black card away." What exactly does that mean? Does that even make sense? Many times if I don't speak a certain way or act a certain way, I am considered to not be talking or acting black. Again, I say that this is a difference in culture and experience and not a matter of how black I am. I think because society stereotypes blacks and black culture in one way, we tend to only think of certain things when the term black comes up.

Monday, November 5, 2012


I think we may all need a reminder on voting etiquette. Just because someone doesn't have the same political views as you does not mean that you should write them off as a friend. Personally, I will be glad when the election is over. I believe I have heard more negative comments than positive comments during this presidential campaign.

Never assume that you know a person's political affiliation:

Someone's gender, race or sexuality does not automatically determine who they are voting for:

You can't make someone vote, so don't force your views on anyone:

Your verbal acknowledgment of who you are voting for will not change the minds of others:

An rational explanation of your political views may change the mind of an undecided voter.

It is okay to inform others, but it is their decision to make with the information that they are given:

Never tell anyone who to vote for:

Voting is personal:
"It is never appropriate to ask who and how a person voted"

Know who you are voting for and what you are voting for:

Never assume that my reasons for not voting for a particular person are the same as yours:

Don't bash those who are not voting if you haven't taken the time to ask them why:

Contrary to popular belief  not voting is not always a negative thing:

Don't let an election change who you are and what you believe in:

Have you informed yourself before making a decision about who you are voting for?

Have you lost friendships because of differences in political views during this campaign?

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall"

In God I Put My Trust. Always remember to keep our leaders in prayer no matter who they are. Be Blessed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Was my prayer heard?
 If it was heard....
Then why wasn't it answered?
I guess it wasn't heard.
What did I do wrong?
This isn't the outcome that I expected?
This isn't what I prayed for....

I'm trying to get the lesson
But it's very hard to accept
Maybe I should pray again
He has to hear me this time...

But when it isn't meant to be
It won't happen...
A million prayers heard but not answered
How will I cope?

God why?
I don't understand....
I asked but it was not given....
What's the point of praying
If you're not going to answer....

It was convenient for me to send you a prayer
But what I was praying for wasn't a part of your plan...
So although is seems that my prayer was in vain
I know that you answered it according to your will.

*Sometimes you will feel like God is not hearing you, but know that he hears you. What we want is not always what God wants for us*

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We are not too different...
But then again we are not quite the same....
I was given many opportunities...
That you did not get a chance to attain....
Born into a good two parent family.....
Not poor not rich but able to live comfortably...
Beginning life with the ability to...
Be successful in whatever I desired..
Well not everything but many things to be admired.....
But the opportunities were not just handed to me....
Devotion like no other, determined not to miss
I had to fight constantly for what I wanted.....
Winning some, losing out on others.....
Some my fault, others controlled by different factors
Opportunities based on age, race, sex, and religion
Does not seem fair but life is not fair...
So I took my chance and will continue to take.....
Until the strength to take a chance has withered away....

Until that time arrives...
I want to give you the opportunity....
To overcome your current circumstances......
If I can not give it...I will show you how to obtain it.....
But I can only show you what I know....
I can only give what I have received.....
It is my way of giving back
To the many individuals that gave to me.....
Sitting back waiting for it to arrive....
You will miss it if you do not give it a try....
Stay a step ahead...not one step behind....
No more missing chances that are meant to be....
Still is okay
We both know it may not happen today....
Realizing that an opportunity given to me....
Does not make me better than you.......
And the lack of an opportunity
Does not make you lesser than me....
We all deserve the same opportunities...
You missed the first train, but never let that be an excuse.
Catch the next one....
There is an opportunity out there waiting to be discovered.


So consumed with being beautiful....
The reflection in the mirror.....
 Doesn't match what I see on TV or in magazines.....
So a far as I can see there is no beauty in me
So I begin to transform until I'm satisfied.
Replacing the real with fake....
With hopes of becoming beautiful......
Maybe then I will be accepted....
Love will definitely find me now.....
Not knowing that what is presented to me is not the real beauty....
Makeup...made up to appear beautiful temporarily....
Never really satisfied because you can't perfect that which is already beautiful...
If you only knew, beauty comes in all races, shapes, and sizes...
Time spent on imitating another's beauty.....
What a waste of valuable time.....
Embracing what you are not....
Instead of embracing the natural beauty that you already have.....
Look again closely.....
Can you finally see that beautiful reflection staring back at you?

I may not be good enough for you, but I'm good enough for me.

Monday, September 17, 2012


If that statement was further from the truth. Yeah, maybe when things are going wrong in our lives we put our trust in God. As soon as everything is going our way we put our trust right back in ourselves and in the things that keep us happy. We act as if we are in control of our lives.We will trust in the president, government, judge, police, jobs, money, home, and cars before we trust in God.When we walk out the door in the morning we trust that we will get ourselves through the day. We trust that our car or mode of transportation will get us to work. How can we have so much trust in things and not trust in the creator of these things?  I'm sure you can relate to friends or family members that only reach out to you when they need something of you. Well, that is how God feels about us. Many times we resort to God when everything else doesn't work out. Many times we pray to God or read our bible when we need something to happen for us. Just as you want to feel loved and appreciated each and everyday, God expects the same from us. He doesn't want an off and on relationship, he wants us to be committed to him with our whole hearts.You can't trust God with a portion of your life and not all of it. Can you imagine how much better your life could be if you were to trust God with all of it? Instead of just saying that you trust in God, show him that you trust in him. If you put God before everything, you can trust and believe that everything concerning your life is already worked out.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


You can not go through life alone. You need others to help guide and support you. A good idea without guided instructions will end up in failure. As I mature, I am contemplating different things for my future such as joining a church, buying a house, and getting married. Through the leadership that I have in my life, I am learning that things are not as easy as they seem. So as I prepare myself, I also wanted to share some things with others who may be looking forward to certain life changes as well.

Joining A Church:

What do they believe in?
How well do you know the Pastor and the individuals in leadership?
Does the congregation treat you like family?
Can you go to them with your personal problems?

Buying A House:

Do you have an emergency fund? At least 6-12 months saved up.
Is the home in a flood zone?
What are the schools like around the neighborhoods?
Have you checked under the house to make sure it is not rotten? As well as the attic?

Getting Married:

Is your prospective spouse currently married?
What does their credit look like?
Have you checked their criminal background?
Have you both been tested for stds?

It is always good to let others know what you are thinking about. You can get another perspective and discover things that you never thought about. The key to success is following good leadership. If you follow bad leadership you may have been better off by yourself. Talk to someone who has already been where you are trying to go. Always trust and keep faith in God. Nothing is too hard or too difficult if you have God on your side. It may seem tough at times but you will get through it.

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Monday, June 25, 2012


Sex is everywhere you go. You see it on television, hear it in music, and read about it in magazines. So why aren't we openly talking about it with our children and with each other? Many people are hesitant to talk about sex. Sex is such an issue in society because many parents are afraid to discuss it with their children. Telling your child not to have sex is not enough. Parents would rather send their children to school and let someone else educate them about sex. Even though sex before marriage is wrong from a biblical standpoint there are so many other factors involved that are not being dealt with. Parents it is your responsibility to educate your child about sex. How you educate them will affect the rest of their lives.

Ideally, we would love for all children not to engage in sexual activity before marriage but that is not reality. While we preach that sex is wrong, we also need to educate our children and even some adults on why it is wrong. We first need to explain the spiritual aspects, but then we need to explain the natural aspects. The main advantage of two virgins waiting to engage in sex before marriage is that they do not have to deal with outside baggage such children from other relationships and most importantly sexually transmitted diseases. "Another advantage is that they get to experience that moment together without distractions of past experiences". (paraphrased words of my father). As a child, growing up in a Christian household, I was taught that sex before marriage was wrong. I knew that I could get pregnant and I definitely didn't want that. That was about all I knew about sex. The little that I knew about sex after that came from knowledge through my friends in school and college. Even through those years I didn't know as much as I should have known.

So even though I knew that it was wrong, the only physical consequence that I could associate sex with was pregnancy. I soon learned through other sources that birth control would take care of that issue. So, I can't get pregnant, I'm good right? I'm sure I wasn't the only child or young adult who thought that way. I have learned so much through research of my own that it is not that simple. Information that I hope to share with my children someday.

The sad thing about our society is that we will have sex with someone with no questions asked. Then after we have sex we ask the questions.  Looks like we have the steps reversed. We do not value our lives. Why are you afraid to ask your partner if they have any sexually transmitted diseases? With everything that is out here, why wouldn't you? Are you not aware of what is going on around you. Are you ready to die? Yes, it is that serious. Take a look at the HIV/AIDS rates, especially among women. That temporary pleasure could affect the rest of your life. If you are big enough to have sex, then you should and need to be ready to deal with the consequences.

When I have children I want to be able to sit down with my child and tell them that they should save themselves for marriage. I also want them to know that if they decide not to, that there are many consequences, some that even result in death. I don't want my child to have to do research on their own. I want to be able to give them the facts so that they know exactly what they are dealing with. I will in no way condone sexual activity before marriage, but I will warn them of what will happen if they decide to engage in sex. I know this subject is a little touchy for some, but hey somebody had to do it. Let's start talking to our children and to each other. Be Blessed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


How many times have you heard women say the phrase "I can't find a good man"? Have you ever considered that it is not the man with the problem, but maybe you have a problem? One reason that you might not have a good man is because you should not be out searching for a man. The man is suppose to seek out the woman. Now even though men may appear to prefer the easy, available women they really have no respect for you at all. Proverbs 18;22 tells us that "whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing". So as a good woman, you should have a good man and you should never settle for less.

Now the type of men that you entertain once you are sought out is up to you. The type of standards that you set will determine whether you will be discovered by a good man. Some times you find yourself in bad relationships because you are associating with the wrong people and congregating in the wrong places. If you go to the club in search of a good man it is very unlikely that you will find him. If you happen to meet a man there and he presents himself as a bad guy there is no reason to entertain him.  A lot of women date men that they know are not good for them and then complain about the outcome. If you decide to pursue the relationship you have no one to blame but yourself.

Secondly, you might be overlooking a good man that is right in front of your face. Sometimes, women have unrealistic expectations. If you focus on the wrong things you might miss out on a good man. Just as you are not a perfect woman, there are no perfect men. Therefore, you are not going to get everything that you want in one man. This will require some compromise on your part. Now you don't have to settle for a guy that is not worthy of you. However, if you are waiting for Mr. Perfect you will be waiting forever and you will find yourself alone.

Thirdly, the fact that you even exist is unknown. Now you can't expect to be found if you never get out of the house. By no means am I encouraging you to run the streets, but you have to have some type of exposure with the outside world. There are activities that you can participate in such as volunteering in your community and being active in your local church. What do you know, maybe you will meet someone while shopping at the store . You also have to surround yourself with individuals that possess the same values as you. I think that it is more important to know what to look for in good man than to know where a good man might possibly find you. If you don't know what to look for, you may be easily fooled by an appearance. A good man is respectful, caring, loving, and honest. These traits are displayed through deeds and actions. A good man will not cheat on you and he will not abuse you. My father has always told me that if a man respects his mother, he is more likely to respect you. If he doesn't respect the woman that gave him life, you can believe that he won't respect you.

Finally, what do you have to offer? Even a good man doesn't want just any type of woman. Good men have expectations as well. You should always strive to be the best woman that you can be. You can't expect to have a good man in your life if you are not a good woman. Reevaluate yourself, along with your actions and maybe a good man will find you.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today's youth lack good role models. If our youth cannot find role models when they walk out the door into this crazy world, they should be able to at least have role models at home. I am thankful that my parents were good role models to me as child so that I could follow their example. It can become a struggle to stay on the right path when everyone else around you is making bad choices. My peers and I should not have to struggle to find our way in life. We should have good examples whose footsteps we can follow in. We have plenty examples of how to ruin our lives, but we need more examples of how to sustain our lives. Thankfully, I have good examples of role models in my life, but it still becomes difficult at times because I need to be able to relate to individuals my age that are experiencing the same things as myself. Can you imagine a young teen or young adult that has no one to turn too? Recently, I have been making efforts to seek out others that are trying to follow the right path as well. Otherwise, I would not be able to benefit from others and I would not be a benefit to others. To make a difference in society, you have to be out there in society trying to make a difference. You cannot stay confined to your room if you expect to influence others.Once you step out of your comfort zone, you will discover that they are others who experience the same things that you do. You are not alone in what you are going through. Due to the lack of good leaders in the community, many times youth and young adults try to lead one another to the best of their ability. Youth are not properly equipped to lead each other, but they can definitely strengthen one another to strive for the same goals. Our generation need leaders with wisdom, experience, and the patience to work with us through our situations.Parents should be the first leaders in the lives of their children. If you don't lead your children, someone else will. Once you have followed a good example, you should be able to lead accordingly. There is no reason why I can't be the leader that I'm searching for.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


R-E-S-P-E-CT...Many women today wonder why men don't respect them. A man will not respect a woman that doesn't respect herself. Unfortunately, many women are not aware of their worth. If you behave like you have no morals, that's exactly how you will be treated. If you give a guy everything that he wants before he commits to you, what will motivate him to commit to you? Why in the world would you perform wifely duties without a ring on your finger? If you don't require certain things, you will end up with the short end of the stick. There is no reason why another human being should have control over your mind and body. If you have given up the power, it is not too late to get your power back. You don't have to continue living as if you are not worth anything. You must first learn to love and respect yourself. Once you learn to do that you will demand nothing less. Even though men may be the stronger sex, women are powerful beings. A man won't do anymore than you allow him to do. Don't let insecurities or low self esteem allow you to be mistreated.

B-E-A-U-T-Y....Even though beauty may get you ahead in life, your true power lies within.  As women we have to stop focusing solely on beauty. Beauty will only get you so far, there are plenty of other beautiful women out there. With that being said, know that being beautiful won't make a man stay with you. You have to possess other traits such as kindness, intelligence, a good personality, a strong mind, ability to be affectionate, and reliability. You have a lot to offer as a woman, and you should never sell yourself short.

 Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y....Men may be partly responsible for degradation of women, but they are not responsible for women who degrade themselves.There are women that are fully aware that they are degrading themselves and they have no issue with it. Some women have the attitude that if a man can do certain things and be accepted by society, then we should be able to participate in those activities as well. However, that is not the case. Women have always been held to a higher standard than men. It may not seem fair, but that is life. Society may accept lesser quality women, but you must keep your standards high. You have the power not to be abused, cheated on, misused, and degraded.

"Who can find a virtuous woman?" Proverbs 31;10

Friday, May 11, 2012

Corrosion of the Soul

Deliberately sinning while requesting forgiveness.
Picking and choosing that which is appealing.
Rejecting anything that doesn't suit you.
Adjusting beliefs to match feelings within.
Professing beliefs but not living accordingly.
Claiming spirituality without the spirit.
Conveniently living a lie but feeling no better inside.
Embracing wrong because living right is undesired.
Praying for a blessing in one breath.
But speaking profanely in another.
Trying to accommodate both worlds
You have gained one and lost another.
Claiming allegiance but you are living in vain
Gradual destruction because of the hypocrisy within...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


What do you do when given a second chance? Do you learn from the previous experience or do you continue to do the same thing over and over again? A second chance allows you to do something different, something better, a chance for redemption. We have all been given second chances, but we have not all been wise with the second chances that we were given. There are times when I took my second chance for granted because I was sure that there would be another opportunity for me to do better. In all that I have experienced in life, I am glad that I still have a second chance. I feel that once certain events occur in one's life they affect the outcome of your life forever. There will be times when you will say to yourself "What if?" I'm truly glad to say that I cherish the second chance that I have been given. Even though I haven't made all the smartest decisions in the world, at this moment right now I'm not asking myself "What If." Instead I'm trying to make the best of this second chance that has been given to me. Know that in this journey you will make mistakes, after all you are only human. It is my prayer that we do not continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Always remember that everyone hasn't been given a second chance. If you find yourself with a second chance take full advantage of it, it might be your last.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Your spirit needs to be nourished just like your physical body. Many times with all of our day to day activities we are often guilty of neglecting our spirit. Finding the right balance can be difficult at times. We have to learn how to prioritize so that our spirit remains alive. If you are not spiritually alive, you are not fulfilling the purpose that God has given to you . Our spirits should minister to others so that they may see what Christ is like. In order to feed our spirits we must read the Bible, pray, and fellowship with others. Certain activities can kill your spirit if you do not control them. Even innocent activities such as watching television and surfing the web have a way of impacting your spirit. You cannot remain spiritually alive if you continue to surround yourself with others who are spiritually dead. If you are not influencing them, they will end up influencing you. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses and stick to that. We can't let our physical bodies and minds overtake our spiritual life. "For to be carnally minded is death: but to be spiritually minded is life and peace." Romans 8;6. Be Blessed!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Our society may never become colorblind as a whole. Truth is you can not control the actions and thoughts of others. Without outside influences we would remain colorblind from the moment that we enter the world. We are taught different stereotypes about different races from family, friends, and media. Many times this eliminates any remnants of colorblindness that we may have once possessed. It saddens me that we allow these stereotypes to affect our actions towards one another. Even more that these feelings towards one another sometimes end in unnecessary death. Unfortunately, there will never be "justice for all" until we all unite as one. Many times we only become united due to a tragedy. We are definitely not where we used to be, but we do have a long road ahead of us. Nevertheless, do not let injustice discourage you. If you let hate rise within you, the battle has been lost. I want justice for all, no matter what your race is.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Are you one of those individuals who support causes without researching them first? When you support causes what are you actively doing to influence change? It really bothers me when people are quick to jump on the bandwagon just because something is popular at the time. If you were truly passionate about an cause, you don't need anyone's approval the get the movement started or to spread the awareness. Oh, you may say I wasn't aware of the situation. You can make yourself aware with similar situations that you are faced with day in and day out. However, you may not receive the same recognition. I think people feel that they have to be a part of something big. If it is not being recognized publicly, then we don't want anything to do with it. Even though I have a good heart, I am learning to research things first so that I will know exactly what I am supporting. If you only take someone's word for a cause that you are supporting, you are making a fool of yourself. Don't allow ignorance to make you a victim of something that you could have easily avoided. You will make time to research things that are truly important to you. If you don't have time to research it, then you don't have time to support it. Know what you are supporting, why you choose to support it, and then spread the awareness!!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012



My soul isn't resting in peace, as you may think.
While on earth I gained the world, and lost my soul.
My soul never had the chance to know Christ.
Or maybe it knew Christ but didn't follow Christ.
But now it is too late, my soul is lost forever.
The lid is closed, there is no coming back.
Oh, how I wish I could go back.
There is no going back once that last breath is gone.
Know him now, while you still have breath in your body.
Once that last breath is gone, you will have missed the reward.


My time is up, my journey here on Earth has ended.
Now I sleep, my soul shall rest in peace.
My brother and my sister we shall be reunited.
My soul knew Christ and is saved from eternal torment.
I lived a life that was pleasing in God's sight.
No more pain and no more suffering.
I am victorious, the battle is won.
Be comforted because I am with Christ.

If you were to die today, where would your soul be? We are all going home, but it is up to you to decide where that home will be.  Being good won't get you into heaven alone, you have to have a relationship with Christ. Why would you even want to go to heaven to live with Christ, if you didn't even want to serve him on Earth? As one pastor said, "heaven will be hell to you." I know that there are those who don't believe in heaven or hell. I say it is better to believe that there is a heaven and hell and it is not, then to believe that there is no heaven and hell and there is. It's your choice.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Music affects our thoughts, actions, and our inner spirit. We are usually drawn to music by the feeling that it gives us on the inside. The beat is hot, it captures your attention, and then it captures your mind. How has your mind been affected? You may say that you can separate music from reality. However, music is known to have subliminal messages. This means that the song that you love so much affects your mind both consciously and unconsciously. So in fact, you cannot control your mind from being impacted by the music that you listen to. Throughout my life I have been a listener of many songs from different genres of music from christian, gospel, pop, r&b, hip-hop, reggae, and dance. I was watching a special last night on Afro Pop. It discussed the origins of reggae and highlighted several new age reggae artists. In one song the guy mentioned Rastafari and one of the lyrics were along the lines of " Oh Hail, Haile Selassie". The significance of Haile Selassie was actually deeper than what I was thinking. I have heard of Rastafari, but never genuinely researched the subject before now. Reggae is one of  the tools by which The Rastafari Movement is made aware to the world.  After, a little research I found that that one lyric alone went against everything that I believe. My point is that when you listen to certain types of music, or any song for that matter you allow your spirit to embrace what is being said in the song. Many people innocently sing along to songs not realizing what they are allowing into their spirits. Not to say that reggae in itself is bad, but that we have to be careful to what type of songs we listen to. Hey, you may say that music is just music. Throughout my life I have struggled with that idea. There were times when I knew that certain artists symbolized things that I did not agree with, but I would rationalize listening to the song by say that "this one song is ok." However, if the music artist originated from an evil source, that individual song will still have a residue of evil.  Music also has a strong influences on our attitudes. Many times when I was mad, I would listen to music with profanity and derogatory messages just to validate my reason for being upset. In listening to the music, I would become angrier. Crazy right, music does influence your mood. It can make you feel happy and it can make you feel sad.  Typically, when people listen to love songs they either think of being in love or they think of a time when love didn't work out for them. Sometimes, people take music literally. You may find that someone takes the lyrics from a song and turns them into reality. If the lyrics are good, that may be a good things, but if they are not you may be headed for destruction.  Let the beat capture you, but let the lyrics influence your mind in a positive manner.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


One of the hardest things in life is to let something or someone go that you think is good for you. Sometimes it is not meant for that good thing to be in your life at the present time. Being good is not always the solution for your particular situation. Something that works well for me, might not work for you even though it may be viewed as good. Even things that are good for you can eventually become bad if not prioritized correctly. For example, your family, your job, and your relationship are all good things. However, if you prioritize those things incorrectly they can cause your life to fall apart. Sometimes, we can allow relationships and other things in life to distract us from our purpose in life. If you are letting a relationship keep you from what you are suppose to be doing, then you do not need to be in that relationship. The relationship may be good and the person may be good, but it is causing you from doing good. It really takes time to really know what is good for you. Sometimes, it takes trial and error. Everybody and everything can't go where you need to go, even when you think it is good for you. Never let something that was good become something bad in your life.

Monday, February 6, 2012


As human beings we are very emotional creatures. Some are more emotional than others. Many times we let our emotions influence the decisions that we make in our lives. You may find that your emotions may cause you to hold on to things that you need to let go in order to get a clear picture of the situation. On the other hand, your emotions may cause you to give up too easily on things as well. Sometimes, our emotions and feelings cause us to act irrationally. The thing about feelings and emotions is that they change, so you cannot make decisions based on feelings alone. Many times in our minds we make decisions, or plan to do things, but our emotions distract us from getting the job done. So in a sense we allow our emotions to cause us to waste valuable time. If you do not keep your emotions under control you may find yourself depressed, angry, and regretful. Sometimes emotions are difficult to perceive because some people internalize their emotions, while others might display their emotions externally. However, they both can be dangerous if not dealt with properly. Feelings are a permanent part of life, we just have to learn how to manage our emotions wisely. One emotion that you should never let control your life is anger. Half the time the person that you are mad at doesn't even know and they probably could care less. When you internalize anger, it destroys you on the inside. Let the anger go, it will set you free. As I mature, I realize that my emotions control my thoughts, and my thoughts are then manifested through my actions. If I don't control my emotions, I may not make the right choices. How emotionally secure are you? Are your emotions keeping you from fully experiencing what life has to offer?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


What leads you to the point of forsaking what you know?
Does an escape from reality bring you to the edge?
You are at the edge, you take a jump, CRASH!!!!
You lived for a moment that turned for the worst.
Too intoxicated to realize that this moment was not,
At all what you had expected.
Whose life will you change, ruin, and destroy?
Unbalanced mind, unbalanced steps, which way will you go?
Which way did I go? I don't remember.
I struggled to remember, but the thoughts were gone.
Gone because they were never present.
You altered my thoughts, you controlled my actions.
Upon consumption you became a part of me.
Occasionally reminding me of that decision that I made.
A memory that can never be erased.
A haunting reflection in my rear-view mirror.
I try to push you away but you pop right back into view.
So escaping one reality,
Only to create a new reality.
This one I will never escape.
The old reality was easier to accept,
 But accepting has never been easy.
Who am I now, what have I become, how do I cope?
My thoughts cannot be my witness, they have been sealed forever.

*Once you make the choice to pick up the bottle, you are responsible for the events thereafter.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Never did I think that I would be the product of divorced parents. When my parents separated, I was partially able to escape reality because I went off to college and I left my troubles behind. As a young adult I really didn’t deal with the fact that my parents were separated. It felt so different because I grew up with both of my parents in the same household for 17 years of my life. It is hard to focus on anything good that comes from a divorce especially when children are involved, unless they were living in a dangerous environment. The children are forced to pick sides whether intentionally or unintentionally. All parties are hurt in some form. At the age of 26, I guess I am finally accepting that my parents are divorced. Some children deal with divorce from a very young age so they may become immune to it, or they may learn to cope with the situation. However, when I think of starting my family it doesn’t excite me that I will have to bring my children to visit their grandparents at different households. My parents were married for almost 19 years before they separated. After all that time and effort, it didn’t work out.  It is God's plan that once you become one with your spouse that you remain with them forever. What I have learned as a young adult is that so many individuals do not take time to really work on relationships. Both parties may be at fault, or one individual may decide that they don’t want to work it out. It appears that people choose to leave rather than to deal with the issues. In my opinion there is absolutely no reason for people to be divorced three and four times. Sometimes, it is easier to go and harder to stay. There is no need to repeat the same cycle over and over.  I know that sometimes divorce is unavoidable; I just feel that we should work harder to strengthen and maintain relationships with those that we love and have committed ourselves to for the rest of our lives. So, I guess the moral of this story is that even though love is not enough to make a relationship last forever, it is the other components that will make it last. Most of all a relationship that is ordained by God has a good chance of lasting forever if both parties follow the leading of the Spirit.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Due to certain circumstances we may find ourselves stuck with just having a job and not pursuing a career. As time progresses you may find it difficult to make your way out of that situation. There are also many individuals who pursue their education in one field, only to find out that they really do not want to establish a career in that field. That is unfortunate, especially after all the time and effort that goes in obtaining degrees and certifications. I am at the point in my life where just having a job is not sufficient for me. Two years out of grad school, I feel like I need to make certain things happen. I could easily elevate myself in my current position, but I would not be happy. After years of education and passion for media, my goal is to eventually establish a career in that field. Currently, I would love to establish my career in a media related position, however, it requires experience. You can only gain experience if you are given the opportunity to work in that field. In order for me to obtain significant experience, I would have to settle for a pay cut. A pay cut is something that I cannot afford with my current circumstances. Sometimes, we have to make difficult decisions and difficult choices to move forward. So, the only reasonable solution would be to change those circumstances. However, changing circumstances takes time and you have to think things through before making abrupt decisions. So now I guess it is up to me to decide what I really want to do with my life and act accordingly. I know that God will send the right opportunities to me, and that I have to be patient and keep the faith.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Everyone has something that they do well. The last thing you should want to do it waste your time on something that you are not good at. Better yet, you shouldn't waste your time on something that isn't meant for you. Throughout life people chase after careers, get rich quick schemes, etc., only to later find out that they were chasing a false hope. There are certain situations where people become good at certain things through practice. However, I wish to focus on those things that we are naturally good at without having to put  a lot of effort into it. For example, you may be a good listener. In most cases a good listener is not someone who talks all the time. You can't possibly hear and understand what people are saying to you if you are talking all the time. You are born with certain traits and certain gifts, and they were given to you so that you could share them with others. So, if someone asked me what my gift was, I would say writing. I love to write, and through writing I am able to express my ideas and feelings. So through my gift of writing, I hope that I indirectly affect the lives of those who read my work. If you had to name your gift, what would it be? Some people are blessed with gifts that allow them to create income for themselves, it may bring them fame and fortune.  Others possess gifts that they share out of the goodness of their hearts and they may not receive recognition in return. You can try and imitate a gift that you don't truly possess, but you will never be successful in it because that gift is not yours. Some people have the gift to cook, and others have the ability to make sure that you don't go hungry. Hey guys, you won't just let anyone cut your hair right? They have to have the gift. Sometimes, we allow others to experiment with us to develop their gift and other times we would rather not. Take time to reflect on what you are good at. The gift that you possess is uniquely your own, don't be ashamed to share it with the world.