Sunday, December 11, 2011


How many times have you seen something out of place and walked past it with the attitude "I didn't do it?" All of us are guilty of this. We often develop this attitude about situations that we deal with in our own lives. Even worse, we apply this attitude to others when we have the opportunity to help them out. When you avoid addressing difficult situations, the problem never becomes resolved. Sometimes, the problem worsens. You should never utter the words, "it is not my problem, or it is not my job." It is your job to help others and assist others with problems when they can't find solutions. However, before you can address difficult situations in someone else's life, you should deal with the problems in your life first so that you can better assist others. Once a difficult situation begins to manifest itself, deal with it right away. It is possible to help others with issues that you may have already resolved in your life. No one wants to go through a difficult situation alone. Many times you are the solution to the problem, however, you are not the solution to every problem. If it is in your means to help someone out, do what you can for them. Instead of running away from problems and difficult situations, be eager to find resolutions.


  1. This world would be a much better place to live in if we would all just slow down.


  2. Naomi I have always been a direct person and have tried to address conflicts in my life, however sometimes the individuals do not what your help or assistance and you simply have to pray for them. I have found it easier to help strangers then to help your own family, maybe this is why families are so dyfunctional because people are not taking the time deal with issues that are tearing the family apart. What do you think? Mom


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