Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Patience is one of the greatest virtues that an individual can possess. I feel that God's message to me this week, is that I need to be patient in all things. Everything will happen in due time. Sometimes when we rush things or interfere in situations we mess things up for the worst. Being patient is very difficult especially when we want things to happen right now. If you can master the art of patience, life will be easier. Hey, I actually frustrate myself more when I rush because that's when everything seems to go wrong. I have never been a patient person and one of my pet peeves is having to wait on people. I always try to be early to places so that others do not have to wait on me. However, the reality is that everyone is not on time and that everything will not happen when you want it. Patience is hard work and it may take a lifetime to perfect it. If you don't have something right now, then you don't need it right now. Everything that you need, God always provides. Life is all about recognizing your weaknesses and working on them so that you become a better person. You are not here for yourself, but rather to serve others. Serving others requires a great deal of patience. So wait, and listen to God, he will guide you in everything that you are dealing with.


  1. Naomi, you are right patience is one of the greatest virtues.I see patience representing a farmer that plants vegetables in a garden. He may want to eat his produce right away, but he has to wait for the right moment which is the harvest time. This is how we must look at life and the situations that we are hoping for and wait on God to make povisions for us. The bible tells us not to be weary in well doing. Just this morning I had to take your grandmother out to attend to some business and it is difficult to wait on people,but i have learned through this situation that I am not just alive to help myself but others. your blog is right on the money. mom


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