Thursday, December 1, 2011


With all the stress that already comes with a relationship, is it really possible to maintain a relationship with someone when they believe differently than you? These beliefs could differ in religion, politics, finance, etc. Of course, we know that two people will never agree on everything. However, if you discover major differences in beliefs as you get to know one another, how do you address that situation? Do you attempt to change that other person's beliefs, or do you accept that person's beliefs for what they are and hope that they don't create conflict within your relationship. I believe that the most difficult differences that individuals deal with in relationships is religion, religious beliefs, and upbringing. If two people were raised differently they may find it difficult to find common ground as they attempt to create a life together. Especially with religion. Many times when two individuals fall in love, but being of different faiths, usually one individual converts over to the other religion. Someone has to compromise to make the relationship work. As I address this, I am not speaking of people who profess to be of certain religions. I speak of those individuals who actually practice what they believe in, day in and day out. Even though this may exist, I personally don't know any two individuals that actively practice their separate religious beliefs (different religions) in the same household without any conflict at all. Even individuals with the same religion but different beliefs manage to have conflict. Let's say that two individuals with different religions did manage to make the relationship work. What happens when children enter the picture? What religion would you raise the children under? It seems that it would be very difficult to try and impose one religion upon a child when the parents have different religions. What if you are of the same religion but were raised under two different denominations with major differences in beliefs? Could you make it work after been raised under those certain beliefs for such a long period of time? In regards to politics, could you maintain a relationship with someone that has different political views than yourself? For example, let's say you are pro-life and your significant other is pro-choice. How do you deal with that situation? If they decide to kill your unborn child will that have a negative impact on your relationship and will you be able to go forward with that person from there? Could that mean that if it is not a convenient time in the relationship for a child, that your child could be killed despite your personal belief? Would you be able to forgive them? Would you feel like you failed your unborn child because you considered a future with someone when you knew their stance on this issue? I only speak of political views that could possibly cause conflict within a relationship. Another good one would be one's perspective on lethal injection? If you believe in lethal injection but your spouse doesn't, does that pose a threat to your relationship?  There are so many issues that we may view as minute or unimportant, but once they are presented to us they turn out to be major conflicts within our relationships. I believe that if two people have similar beliefs that they are more likely to have a more successful relationship than two individuals with majorly different beliefs. Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3;3.


  1. Very good, this one needs to be introduce to everyone who is considering marriage.


  2. I like this one very much. It speaks to what my significant other and I are going through right now and it is a bloodshed battle between us lol. Keep up the good work

    Candice Brown

  3. NAM,does it feel good when you address an issue and the person responding is going through that very same situation? Hallelujah! God is awesome, let God continue to use you. Mom

  4. Nam, does it feel great when you address an issue and the person responding is going through that exact situation? Hallelujah! God is awesome and let Him continue to use you. Mom


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