Wednesday, November 23, 2011


How many times have you packed for trip? Upon returning from that trip you realize that you did not need and did not use some things that you took along with you. Many times in life we carry around things or people in our life that we really don't need. These things or people are not necessarily a negative influence, but they also don't add anything positive to your life. Take a moment, can you think of anyone or anything that is currently in your life but they are not benefiting you? They basically provide you with a false sense of fulfillment. We keep these individuals or things around just in case. It is very important that we find out who and what we really need in our lives. Sometimes it is not the obvious things, so you may really have to devote some time to this task. Once you remove the excess and unnecessary baggage from your life you will have more room for positive things in your life. You will also be able to give more of yourself to others because the load that you were carrying has been lightened. Don't hold on to unnecessary baggage, if you haven't used it by now then chances are you won't need it. If you do need it, God will make a way for it to be in your life.


  1. Good one did you get this while packing for your trip home lol

  2. Naomi it is extremely difficult to let go of unnecessary baggage in your life especially if it is a significant other but sometime you do have to let go and if God want that person in your life God can make it happen. Excellent blog.

  3. Good stuff! Naomi stop peeking into my mind, this too speaks to my life.

    Candice B.


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