Friday, November 11, 2011


Weakness is not asking for help and then giving up. Many times we think being strong requires doing things on our own. However, there are situations in life that demand the assistance of those around us. Asking for help or assistance requires humility. God places certain people in our lives to help us through trials and tribulations. Individuals deal with many issues but are afraid to make them known for fear of what others will say and think about them.  One reason that people don't seek help is because they think that they have everything under control and that they can handle it by themselves. I personally hate asking others for help. I usually ask for help when I have exhausted all other possibilities. Depression and addiction affect many people in society. The last thing that you want someone to know is that you are depressed. Many times individuals try to mask their depression with other activities such as drinking and drug use in an attempt to feel better and escape reality. Activities like this can lead to addiction. So now you are dealing with depression and addiction at the same time. When we don't deal with one problem it often leads to other issues that make it even more difficult to ask for help. Maybe you are not dealing with depression but maybe addiction. It is very easy to become addicted to certain things, even things that we consider to be innocent. Just because you may think that something that you are doing isn't bad, it doesn't mean that it isn't bad for you. Hey, I am addicted to chewing on ice. Even though I know that it is bad for my teeth I find it very difficult to stop. You may have a more serious addiction, that may require seeking outside help from family, friends, or medical personnel. If we could figure out everything by ourselves there would really be no point for living. Living is about interacting with one another and helping each other in this journey called life.


  1. Stop chewing the ice,you can do it :).


  2. Naomi, I did not know you like to crush on ice. When we are comforted by others in times of need,it allows us to know how to comfort others when they are in need.


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