Wednesday, October 5, 2011


There are times when you are physically present, but you find your mind elsewhere. You could actually be listening to what someone is saying, but thinking about something completely different. The worst time to let your mind wander is when someone is talking directly to you. If someone has taken their time to address you, the last thing that you want to do is waste their time by not being mentally present. You want to show that other individual that you are attentive and that you are capable of not only listening but understanding what they have to say. Sometimes our minds wander because we are dealing with alot and trying constantly to think of solutions. Other times our minds wander out of boredom. When our mind isn't being stimulated with what is presented before us, we let our minds drift to something else. If you allow your mind to wander too often, you may lose focus and it can affect the quality of your work. Distractions can also affect the quality of our relationships. Sometimes we don't prioritize correctly. Some thoughts have to be put off until a later time in order to properly address current situations. You perform best when your mind and body are on one accord.


  1. so next time you visit I'll have your full attention yes! lol love you big sis!

  2. In this busy society that we live in I'm sure that all of us at some time are guilty of not given our undivided attention to someone who is talking to us.



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