Monday, October 31, 2011


I believe that premarital counseling is essential to a successful marriage. It could be seeking advice from your parents, your Pastor and his wife, a married friend, anyone who could provide insight on how to maintain a marriage. At first I thought that you could only learn from successful marriages. However, you can also learn what not to do from individuals who have experienced failed marriages. Counseling is very important because there are so many things that should be addressed before you commit your life to someone else forever. Sometimes, we are not aware of those things until an outsider makes it clear to you and your partner. Hey, you might even find out that you are not really compatible with that person after all. You may find that you need to wait a little longer before you get married. So many times people rush to get married without fully thinking about the decision that they are making. Better to wait and prepare yourself, then to regret a decision made to soon.  I have always heard that marriage is hard work. It seems logical to try and make sure that you are starting off on the right foot so that you have a better chance of a successful marriage. I would assume that most couples discuss whether or not they want children, when they want children, and how many children they want. I also think that financial stability is a good quality to possess before marriage. Financial troubles are the number one cause of divorce. If you start off your marriage in debt, it is possible that you will continue to deal with it. Especially, if you are not good with budgeting, saving and investing. All the love the in world cannot deal with an individual who may be addicted to spending money and digging themselves into deeper debt. Not discussing matters like this could create a huge conflict within the marriage if both individuals are not on the same page. Premarital counseling doesn't guarantee a successful marriage, but it definitely does not take away from a successful marriage. I highly recommend premarital counseling to any couple considering marriage.


  1. Life is a learning experience for some and just a n experience for others.


  2. Amen to premarital counseling!!!


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