Wednesday, October 12, 2011


How do you define anger? Is it a feeling manifested through actions and words? How does it impact your daily life? Undesirable situations and circumstances create the feeling of anger.There are different levels of anger. It is very important that we manage our outrage in the right way. Some people internalize anger while others externalize anger. Both methods can be dangerous if not contained properly. If you internalize your anger and allow it to build up, it is possible that it can cause you to explode unexpectedly. On the other hand, if you display your anger physically, verbally, and emotionally you may end up hurting someone, destroying something, and maybe even hurting yourself. Once you realize how you deal with fury, it is important to see if you should make any changes. If you don't know how to deal with your anger, you should talk with someone about how to deal with your anger issues. If you don't deal with anger it can affect relationships and it can impact your life in general. The manner in which you handle situations, can make a big difference in the outcome.


  1. Well the bible tells us that wec will be angry butdoon't sin or allow your anger to get the best of you.Ephesians 4:26


  2. I have learned to try to identify what exactly is causing me to get angry. Ask my self what is it that i want and i am not getting? Then i can think about the situation and ask God to help me to respond properly and therefore, be able regain my peace.


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