Tuesday, October 25, 2011


How has your education stimulated your career and how did experience play a role in that advancement? The importance of education has been stressed throughout my life through teachers, professors, family, and friends. However, many times if you have education without experience you will find yourself without a job in the field that you studied. Many jobs expect you to list your experience before listing your education on your resume. While education is important, they want to know what you can get accomplished for their company.With the current state of our economy, do you pursue an education or do you attempt to find a job where you can gain some experience? I'm fortunate to have finished grad school just before the economy began to experience very difficult times. Presently, if I had to choose grad school over pursuing a career, I would choose a career. Especially, if attending grad school required putting myself into deeper debt. However, some individuals are not so fortunate to pursue their career of choice without first obtaining education in that field.  Education is essential, but experience is knowledge put into action. Sometimes, you can get by with experience alone. Education is a good asset to possess but I believe that experience will allow to get further in life. There are many individuals in life that have succeeded in life without obtaining a college education. Education and experience make a great combination. Certain factors such as finances, and life events including marriage, divorce, birth, and death can effect how you prioritize education and experience. That explains why each individual will respond differently to this situation.   The great thing about both of these qualities is that no one can take away your education or experience, that remains with you forever.


  1. naomi, as an older adult i have found that an education is very important, because their are always opportunities to gain experience. I have ofen suggested get your education before beginning a family because as you have stated you will always have you education and your experiences. However by having experience in the area of educational pursuit it has helped me to be more focused and helped me to put my best foot forward. Maturity is important when encountering an educational experience. Obviously, there are always different perspectives. mom


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