Sunday, September 18, 2011


Have you ever realized that when you remove certain people and things from your life, that your life appears to be a lot easier? If so, this can be attributed to the negative presence that certain people and things possess. It sometimes takes a while to realize that the people and things around you are making your life more difficult than it has to be. Negativity affects the way that you think and it also impacts your actions. Some times when I am around negative people, I find myself becoming angry and upset. Most of the time it is because they have handled a situation in a way that I would have never attempted to handle that situation.  As a generally happy individual, one of the worst feelings in the world is for me to be angry and upset at someone. There are two ways to deal with negativity. You can give in to the negative presence or you can remove yourself from the negative presence. When someone says something negative to you that is not meant to be a constructive criticism, you can not let that comment get you down. Many times you will find that people that display a great deal of negativity towards others are not happy with their own lives. I believe that the way that you think impacts the outcome of certain situations. I feel that optimistic thinking helps create optimistic situations. I try hard to think positive and it has allowed me to accomplish many things that I wanted in life. Supportive family and friends has also encouraged my positive outlook on life. If you attempt to do something with the attitude that you don't think that you can achieve that goal, the chances are that you won't achieve it. It won't be because you are not capable of achieving those deeds, but that you refuse to open up your mind to positive elements. Removing negativity from your life creates more room for positive thinking and positive outcomes.


  1. I positively think that this is a positive blog, positively and I positively will make room for positive people like you in my life, most positively.


  2. lol at Dad...but this is how I am too guess that's why we're sisters! love you big sis!

  3. Dad you are a mess!!!!!....I guess so Faith :)


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