Friday, September 30, 2011


Technology has begun to change people's behaviors toward each others for the worse. People no longer speak to you when they walk down the street. Instead, we listen to our music through our headphones, blocking out the outside world. You might even be considered old-fashioned if you do not have one type of electronic attached to your person. At times I have had my headphones in, cellphone in one hand, and Nook in the other hand. When you think about it, is all this really necessary? Why are we blocking others out? What happened to conversation? It doesn't only affect you when you are outside of the home, it affects you right within your home. I remember the days when we use to play checkers and board games together as a family. There was physical interaction with my parents and sisters. Today's family is so separated. With all of this technology, kids are addicted to video games, Facebook, etc. Parents are so caught up with work that they have brought home from their jobs that they are not fully attentive to their children. Even at the dinner table, individuals text and answer calls. I never realized how rude that was until my dad told us that he didn't appreciate us texting at the table when we went out to dinner one day. There really is no reason to be texting or playing games on your phone, when you have people that you love sitting around you. Technology is slowly taking away the manners that we once possessed. Unfortunately, I find myself practicing some of the behaviors that I speak of because some things have become a norm in society. When I catch the metro, I listen to my music, text and play games on my phone. However, I would never want someone to feel like they couldn't approach me to start up a conversation. Sometimes, when people try to converse with us, we feel as if they are bothering us. I guess we just want to get to where we are going without any distractions or disruptions. Forget about ignoring others, some of the things that we do are actually dangerous. I'm sure you have heard of people being killed or injured for texting or talking on the phone and not paying attention to traffic while running, walking, or driving. Technology has caused us to become distant, dangerous, and unaware because of choices that we make. Use technology for your advantage not to your disadvantage.


  1. This is excellent, I have been thinking along these lines this week, in fact I was told by my new neighbor on yesterday that the television came out two years before I was born,and later in the evening I asked Ma when did she first get a TV, and she said at the same time that I did, which was a TV that your aunt Carol bought when I was about eight years old. Ma said as a child her father played records for their intertainment.Well I've been teaching in bible study and Sunday school for the last few weeks about the now generation needing to disinherit a whole lot of stuff that has been past down, its the only way to have a healthy connection with God and with one another.
    I think this may have been your most intersting blog so far.

    MUCH LOVE, Dad


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