Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Some of us get it right on the first try, but the majority of us do not. Without second chances, life would be very difficult for all of us. Second chances are necessary because no one is perfect. You should never take advantage of a second chance just because you know that it is available. Hopefully, the mistakes that are made during the first attempt are avoided in a second attempt. The same mistake can truly only be made one time. When you become aware of what you have done wrong, the next time you participate in that activity you are making a deliberate decision. A second chance is a true indication of forgiveness, it is the step that follows forgiveness. I believe that a second chance can only be given after you have accepted and forgiven the individual for the mistake that they have made. It is easy to say that you have forgiven someone, but sometimes it takes true concern for an individual to give them a second chance. You can forgive someone but you are not obligated to give them a second chance. Saying that you forgive someone and actually forgiving someone are two very different things. We tend to discriminate on who we will and will not give second chances. Sometimes, this is done consciously and sometimes unconsciously. For example, it is probably easier to forgive a child over an adult. You may find it easier to give second chances to family and friends than to individuals who you do not know. Perhaps, you are super kind-hearted and you give second chances to everyone. If so, we might need more people like you around. A second chance is just another opportunity to get it right, so don't beat yourself up too hard about the first attempt, just know that you can do better this time.


  1. that is really good...you should tell these ppl that God is a God of a 2nd chance and more lol :)

  2. True forgivness is preceded by true repentence, even the bible teaches us that we must first repent of our sins to be forgiven by the Lord.When we forgive those who refuse to repent, it frees us up but not the unrepented ones.



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