Thursday, September 1, 2011


Have you ever felt like you were at a standstill in life? You want to accomplish more, but you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself.  Are you letting your dreams and ambitions slip away? What steps are you taking to get closer to your goals in life? Well, you are not alone. It is natural to lose focus at some point in your life. It could be a short term or long term loss of concentration. Maybe you don't have an issue with focusing on things, your issue may lie within the things you choose to focus on. Even though you may be a focused individual, it is very easy to be focused on the wrong thing. It is important that we steer our focus in the right direction. When we locate that direction, it is very important that we maintain our focus. At times, we may become so caught up in a certain routine or agenda that we may lose our ambition. Life becomes dull and repetitive and your focus becomes diminished. Initially, you will set out in life with your mind focused on certain accomplishments. However, as life goes on your focus may change or even disappear completely.Once you realize that your focus has diminished or disappeared you  must refocus. Refocusing may require trying things differently, or making slight adjustments to your preestablished goals. It may involve a change of scenery, or a new outlook on life. Being focused demands some type of ambition. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to remain focused. If you are focused and know what you want, use your ambition to drive that focus.

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  1. Nam, you are correct because my focus diminished and disappeared concerning the Black History Presentation until someone asked me to do it for their summer vacation bible school and know I have refocus and have considered during it other than for black history month, even possible making it a business adventure. Girl, I love what you are doing and it gives us a chance to exchange ideas. mom


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