Thursday, September 22, 2011


What part of your past is still present in your life today? Many times we allow our past to remain present in our lives. If we hold on to an unflattering past, it may prevent us from moving forward in life. The past is comprised of both good and bad experiences. There are some events in our past that we will never be able to forget. Truth is, sometimes the past hurts and some wounds remain open forever. However, if you don't try to deal with some issues in your past that impacted you traumatically, you may deal with those issues for the rest of your life. Some people may feel that their past has destroyed any hope for a better future. A bad past doesn't have to define who you are today. You just need a good support system and the willlingness to overcome whatever situations that you dealt with. There are some things that we must let go in our past, and there are things that we must always cling too. Some situations in your past, which may be both good and bad are actual learning experiences that prepare you for the future. The only time that you should allow the past to impact the present is when it has the potential to brighten your future.


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