Monday, September 26, 2011


The problem with many individuals in our society is that we want too many material possessions. Half of the things that we want, we really don't need. We look for opportunities to receive from others, when we should be looking for opportunities to give. God has blessed each and every one of us with a gift, so we can offer things that are not necessarily materialistic. If we stop thinking about ourselves all the time, we might discover different ways to help others. When we receive more, we want more. We become so attached to the things that we obtain, that we confuse wants with needs. More is not better all the time. The fact that you have a place to live, food to eat, and transportation makes you very fortunate. Anything that is not necessary for your survival could be considered a want. So many times we complain about what we don't have, when there are others who would gladly switch places with us.  We should stop complaining about what we don't have and be thankful for what we already have.


  1. Naomi, you sound like you are in the room when I am praying to my Father because I always thank him for food on my table and clothes on my back and shelter over my head. Also the Lord revealed to me that material blessings does not denote our relationship with God. The most important fact is that you can get a prayer through to God. His word instruct us to seek the kingdom of God and His righteous and all the other things will be given to us. Nam, sound like you are on the right track. I love you so much. mom


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